This video talked about viewing questions as a container.  Each question has a psychic architecture. It also discussed vantage points and how they change, and how there’s evolution in a course like this.  The question provides an outcome which creates a new vantage point.

Additionally, this video talked about pattern recognition which facilitates change and course correction.  It highlighted the need to release judgment and how and why it’s important to enter a non-judgemental relationship with the course, ourselves and the cards.  It talked about the importance of checking motive and bias as well as doing a reading around your resistance.

Anatomy Of A Reading

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Anatomy Of A Reading

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • Patterns don’t happen to you, they flow through you. Ah-ha. Reflecting on standing in my power with my responses to my patterns. How do I course correct when my pattern arises? My new favorite question.

  • Reina Ortega says:

    Reminded me to ask for course correction when feeling uncomfortable. I’m worthy.

  • the need to constantly clean house is my aha so it’s no wonder that Clean It Up is my frequently repeating card. I’m on it.

  • Oh my gosh! This is so far the best video that rings true for me! I love all the videos, but this one spoke to me!

  • Carol Burns says:

    Wow, I just got the biggest aha. I’ve been rushing my questions, instead of really thinking them through beforehand and really discovering the why i’m asking and exactly what I’m trying to find out. From now on, I am going to spend a few minutes meditating and listening for these answers BEFORE I ask the question and pull a card. I’m sure this will be a game changer!! And this is why I take this course over and over again. There’s always something I didn’t quite get before :).

    • tammy engel says:

      oh you guys! recently i visited relatives i have not seen for decades, and during the visit SHAZAM, all the old stories about my family didn’t matter any more. it felt like a bookshelf broke and rained all the books on my head – that pile of stuff no longer serves me. talk about a terrific change of story, new vantage point! yippe. xo tammy e😎

    • tammy engel says:

      (ooh, i am resisting this a LOT … all i can notice is that Colette’s outfit and eye make up echo the animal card deck behind her … that’s interesting, what is the nature of my resistance? no joke, i am turning off the video to sit with it.) LATER: and of course, i pulled “never ending story”. this course is the best thing i have ever done for myself!! xo tammy e

  • Awe and love this video with reviewing your theme,mood, patterns, judgement and vantage point and especially nature of resistance. Thank you!

  • Best Video Yet….Love the manner in which you explain our motives, vantage points, judgement, and leaning into better asking of questions with a 360 degree view and heart. I can self-reflect honestly and with ease in asking better questions to successfully achieve my intentions. Thanks!!!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I love the question “how do I course correct? ” when an unwanted pattern arrives. That is a gem. Thank you!

    • Sherry Hash says:

      Omg!! I have been moving along in school, but when Colette said to check and recheck you questions, motives ect because they evolve. I asked WOTO What do I need to do to be come more intune with spirit. I pulled #2 Yin in protection. I read essential meaning and Conscience Allowing stuck out and I read protection and there it was Be the Student. Be an open Vessel to spirit. In other words Stop being the Driver, Learn to be a passenger. I’ve always tried to stir the outcome of any situation and universe is saying Shut Up and Listen to truly listen. Damn is that not something. Amazing!!

  • Thank you Colette! I have now understood the great importance of the vantage point. it is continuously evolving.

  • for me i realize part of my purpose is to learn to slow down and trust the journey….with my Sagittarius and fire elemental makeup I can easily move and change but find being still a skill I lack or to be a participant not the leader…sloooooow down… and as I learn I need to be more mindful with my learning and daily life.

  • BaHa.. No one wakes up and says “I think I will repeat that terrible pattern I have”…and now I see the amazing magical map to make changes … AHHHH …

  • Vantage Point – Thank you for putting that into perspective – especially the victim thing. That info alone is a life changer and I thank you for that!

  • It is such a shift to address my learning from an always-in-motion, ever-evolving vantage point. My old stories were very linear, with fixed vantage points, and finite conclusions. My awareness of always being involved in a story-in-motion helps me release judgement.

  • Ahh-ha. Loved the statement “It doesn’t matter where it all (old Patterns) came from, it matters you are there to course correct”. Its all about motives, brilliant.

  • I really enjoyed the visualization of the rising self as our vantage points evolve. I resonate with this information on a deep level and am grateful to find it here mirroring back to me my experience.

    • Vania expressed my thoughts perfectly. Best video yet for me, Collette. LOL. The first time I watched it I fell asleep. My subconscious is resisting change. It’s ok patience, non-judgement, and better questions are my focus right now.

  • Liked the vantage point discussion and how it changes as we change🍄plus that magical music! Godliness plus giggles!

  • Marie Mohler says:

    I love the music and I am loving the experiences and the ah-ha’s I am having in this course. It ALL feels magical!

  • I am love the course and am loving the music to these lessons. Makes it feel even MORE MAGICAL!!!

  • I am glad I started Oracle School over (it’s been 1 1/2 years) and these explanations are more defined and make more sense. I am on track and where I should be Thanks to your redo of the Videos and the contents.

  • Tammy Wahl says:

    I love that after I ask a question and get an answer it puts me at an evolved and an expanded place! Wow!

  • I am loving the music too.

  • Natasha West says:

    Colette, I just love the Harry Potter theme music. 🦉🐉💫

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