This video covered the clarification card and why you would pull one.  It also talked about what the clarification card will do. Included was a demonstration of pulling a clarification card for a one-card reading and a two-card reading.

The Clarification Card

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The Clarification Card

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • Thank you so much for showing how you do the 2 step process as I was not to sure how to approach the cards when doing a reading and also with the added step of the clarification card. This gives me so much more confidence and understanding of how I can do it now. Wonderful and exciting times ahead.

  • Really appreciated hearing how the cards come alive when we talk to them and become friends with them. Thanks for the various ways the oracle cards convey their messages.

  • Alisa Walker says:

    Besides the anchor card, the clarification card for me ties the entire story in motion together. Great lessons! I am learning so much about myself and most importantly I am learning to trust my intuitive self again. 🙂

  • Tawny Key says:

    lolll yeah I dont trust that Fate card Ive been working on that, I’m glad you explained it that way because it’s been my suspicion it can also mean positive fated things.

  • I love the understanding that the clarification card is a deep dive specifically modifying the thrust of the first card. It expands the meaning/message in such a beautiful way!

  • Trudy Moffat says:

    I’m so glad I signed up for the Personal Mastery!! Lots of great information. Now I have a better understanding of when to use certain cards and how to get the most out of my cards! 🙂

  • Dedra Cooper says:

    Beautiful, everything you speak and teach is amazing. I am in total Awwwh. Thank you for being you, being here in my lifetime this round to teach me the right way to step into my own. Love you so much!

  • Reina Ortega says:

    I learned so much this module, and am excited to do as taught. Yay for the week to play!!!! Thank you Colette.

  • Lynn Priest says:

    I’ve had such a hard time with The Fates Card and understanding what else it could be other than “It is what it is”. Thank you Colette! Now I feel like it’s ok to accept Fate, not always have control and look for the good in what comes around.

  • Esther Luk says:

    Thanks, it’s a very important lesson and brings me new insight to card reading.

  • Thanks- lots of new ways to look at the cards,picked Peace Card 2x’s and fork in the road (P) the magical music is enticing and neutral l at the same time for me:)

  • Peggy Molloy says:

    Thanks – this was very helpful! And… on a more fanciful note, I love the “magical” lead in music

  • Sherry Hash says:

    Wow there is so much to learn..I will be watch lesson 3 over and over till it becomes second nature for sure. Important things to learn.

  • Paula Gregg says:

    Love the ability to ask clarification questions. This is great!

  • Thank you!!! Get neutral- hit Fork in Road 13 two times in a row and was a bit confused- stress creates an underlying lack of neutrality- thank you for all your positivity and guidance!!! You just connected some neural and spiritual dots for me. On to get neutral and resolve- not ignore Distractions🌻❤️🤗love – light to all

  • Nancy Jensen says:

    Thankyou!! Loving the magic and insight!!

  • Thank you for the examples. I love we have next week off, even though I spent today catching up 🙂 I can now go back through and lock it in

  • Jackie Hulme says:

    I love Practical Magic 😊💕❤️

  • conni kremer says:

    Thank you for providing several examples; I find that to be especially helpful. The PDF of possible questions/positions is a 💎. Great reminder that “ALL QUESTIONS MUST HAVE AN INHERENT INTENTION TO BE IN HARMONY WITH THE HIGHEST GOOD.” ps I love how your passion and joy comes thru; it inspires me to feel even more excited about learning this! 🤓💜

  • I’m feeling the magic!

  • Felt need to draw a clarification card earlier in week. Thank you for clearing up what I kinda felt need to do🌻trying to find neutrality and attempting to stay out of my own way🌻love and light from- an evolving “elf house” elf- and loving it🌻

  • onwards ever onwards on words on thoughts on right actions

  • Getting specific with my questions will be easier now thank you ❤

  • Millie Carey says:

    Your last lesson of this Module 3 gave me some answers about where am I at regarding my spiritual path. I posted my card in my Whale House this morning. Observer in protection showed up. Your words Colette released me to be at piece right now and I also received some insights from your video. WOW how do you know (the cards, you and the universe) that I need to hear that. THANK YOU for your magic

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