This video talked about alchemy and how we develop our intuition through images.  The process starts to train your unconscious to recognise a language that’s been dormant.  The external world comes alive. Initiation process is uncomfortable. You become the alchemist.  You, Conscious Universe, Oracle Cards and external world becomes a great Oracle. It’s important to let go of expectations and attachment to a form.

Practical Magic

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Practical Magic

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • I watched this several times because I just loved the lesson! Each time I watched and listened I just soaked it up and felt empowered to know and feel this is what’s happening in a Un linear way!!! Just love it Thankyou!!! ❤️🦋

  • Tami Fisher says:

    I love the awakening of my soul that is happening through this transformation. How exciting! By the way, a butterfly crossed my path today – synchronicity!! 🙂

  • Love the music! And of course, the lesson.

  • This lesson is so accurate. I am having very amazing dreams with people coming to tell me about other people passing. It throws me for a loop a bit, but then I find the people okay when I call them. They are very picturesque dreams with vivid details.

  • 3 years ago I came out of 35 years of engineering, which was more and more like being in a furnace for me. Before that, I was extremely intuitive effortlessly and the way Colette describes what students’ dream lives become is precisely the way my dream life was a lot of the time. But I didn’t know what to do with it or how to appreciate it. Now I do and now I get to learn how to reconnect with that part of myself with a lot more gratitude.

  • Carol Burns says:

    Ok, going to go jump off a bridge if I have to keep hearing “this is not a linear process”…I do algebra problems for fun!! Ok, just kidding. Well, just kidding about jumping off a bridge, I actually really do solve algebra problems for fun. Seriously though, I am so glad Colette keeps hammering this home. It’s so true, how we just want a+b=c. But I can look back over the last few years taking this course, and my progress had definitely not been linear. But it has been incredible and life-changing and I am definitely standing at a higher, clearer vista!

  • OMG ! I came down with a serious head cold this weekend and have been feeling awful. I just realized I am a caterpillar, shedding my old skin so to speak, I am thankful for the cold and the opportunity to bloom and transform. watch out world her I come!

  • Lynne Mason says:

    Wow- I am so ripe for the lessons of week 3.😀 I am bumping up against the negative self talk that doesn’t want me to change. Awesome stuff. Thank you Colette 🌈 🙏🏻

  • Suz Zinn says:

    I am definitely bumping up against reactive internal dialogue the last few days. I actually physically feel this cellular ‘die off’ right now-making room for the beautiful wings that are forming within my cocoon. Show me what needs to go. . .

  • OMG!!! I get it!!! I love you!!!

  • funny, my unconscious is calmer now while i sleep than before and i feel like it is because my unconscious is more awake when i’m awake…I am very happy to have more sensitivity while awake and sleep a bit more soundly 🙂

  • Learning to trust in the cards as divine speaking with symbolism is eye-opening. I learning more how to be not attached to an outcome and not to think so linear.

  • Having a language of symbols is such a gift! Imagine, it’s been there all along just waiting to be noticed. I’m taking Personal Mastery for the second time. There is a delightful memory of when images from the WOTO cards starting to appear at unplanned but helpful times. The Universe and I developed a shorthand for communicating. Just like spoken language keeps evolving, developing new words, I am open to evolving my ‘language’ with the Universe. Imagine what else is in my Dormant file just waiting to be noticed.

  • I absolutely love the part about the Imaginal Cells. It is the missing link that binds the components of I’ve been exploring on my own this summer as I entered into my Autumn phase. A combination of removing the old and embracing the evolved. Thank you for this video. It felt like Home.

  • I think the most difficult part of this video for me is understanding that this isn’t a linear process. I’m a Virgo, organized, structured, self-employed and oldest child of five but completely believe in magic, so I’m a little bit of a bossy, compassionate but expect results caterpillar. Even my NeverEnding Story involves being attached to an outcome.

  • i love the guide to inner magic the dance of it all and yes sometimes new steps appear in my fluid choreography when the music or the vibrations shift which is a gulp moment to be sure do i want to see, to dance, where this intriguing new yet oddly familiar tune is leading?….of course with thx

  • Niki Disner says:

    Love these words: deliberate, conscious, fractal…

  • I too love the example of the caterpillar. That was the symbol I saw as myself when I started this class! I have been feeling like the caterpillar in the last few weeks as Collette described. Wow! I am so excited and scared at the same time, a bit uncomfortable . I look forward with excitement with how we will all emerge! Thank you for your clear explanation!

  • I love the example of the caterpillar and the butterfly as symbol for the transformation we are heading for.

  • Great clear explanation now if can only keep my head wrapped around it LOL

  • I so have tried to manifest so hard some things to come alive, so I really started to drop these ideas since they clearly wasn’t meant to be. I am opening up to other forms of my new authentic life of being me 🙂

  • The simple change in thinking about alchemy from something being done outside of me to me to being the one who is changing from within is magical. The growing and evolving is sometimes physically uncomfortable but now I can reframe this for myself – it’s all my imaginal cells helping me to become the person Spirit created and intended me to Be. This is video was an eye-opener. 🙏🏽💜

  • Natasha West says:

    My mind/imagination and dreams is becoming more aware of shaping it into reality into the putter world.. I feel as if I can control people’s behaviours through imagination. It definitely takes a lot of strength to process this. But when I imagine someone being super happy, laughing (I even pretend they are bouncing up and down or doing front and back flips off the tables when I am at work. Lol ) it can also happen as the same as if I imagine someone being in a bad mood or I can say in my head she/he doesn’t like me, I can process and feel that as well. But I can change it when I think of the surenity prayer. Because I like the happy part Behavior instead of the other mood. Hehe I am starting to realize that when I work with the oracle everyday I start to see changes in the world. As in the topic of this video I can become an Alchemist. 😍 Long note of me babbling lol

  • Jeanne Bundy says:

    Had an aha moment this morning, my anchor card was round n round in protection what stood out for me was in the guide book that I was the common denominator as it happened one of my workers who doesn’t like mondays decided she wanted day off usually I go in early to cover but as I am the common denominator always trying to make things right for everyone at my expense I had the strength to say no lol seems like such a simple thing but was quite an aha moment for me. I realized I am not everyone’s keeper lol

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