This video covered the importance of the anchor card and how there are different versions of reading the anchor card according to the subject you’re starting with.  There are subtle differences according to the story-in-motion. The video also covered the steps to prepare for a reading before you even touch the cards.

The 3-Card Reading

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The 3-Card Reading

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • I understand that you have 8 steps before you get started in touching the cards. However, I am still having some conflict about a few of the steps that I can’t get over. I have this feeling that I may not want to find the answer in order to do the reading of the cards. 🙁

  • Reina Ortega says:

    Feel as though I’m starting all over. Realizing the importance of my steps approaching the cards.

  • I didn’t realize until this video how important the approach is to forming a question. Thank you so much!

  • This is totally awesome and so true with the Anchor Card and thanks for the 8 versions. Just love it.

  • Just a few days ago I pulled 3 cards for myself the query was “what to focus on to bring about my highest good” but internally i was thinking about “what to focus on to continue to bring about my highest good”…I had been thinking of the 3 card selection as more of Past story, current story and what to focus on for my future highest good. So, I was surprised when my first card reflected my current story!! I thought, huh? That’s curious, Spirit, reflecting my current story in the first card! I saw the second as a directional path and the third as clarifier if I take that path, then my highest good would be shown to me through the third card. I’m learning how Spirit speaks to me and that my Oracle cards DO have a language of their own, a spiritual guidance too of their own with the Divine Universe:)
    Wow this video with 8 possible ways to interpret the cards, whoa!!

  • I asked for the greatest and highest good and to do no harm could Spirit tell me what would result when I complete this course. I got Anchor Soul Mates, Past Come to the Edge in Protection, and Present Poised! Goose bump time! How clear this message is. Harmonious partnerships to look forward to, leaving my fear behind, and knowing that I’m ready to step into the light by continuing this work (which is still in baby step mode). Ah-ha! Thank you.

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    Really great way to understand of setting up, before beginning a reading. Going to play with the cards with different styles of questions, can’t wait to see my messages. TY

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    WOW that was a huge missing piece(s) of the puzzle for me. I am so excited about the 8 different subjects. Thank you! Love this course!

  • Thank you for the 8 step process before we pull our anchor card. Lately, I have been in a rush and now understand that I must slow myself down.

    • Reina Ortega says:

      Me also feeling rushed. Try to squeeze it all in in my morning hours before work. Even getting up earlier. May have to get up even earlier. oh my.

  • Watched a few of these twice- will watch again but seeing through some of my fog🌻

  • I am so loving the idea of “pretending us to be like we are communicating to A FRIEND! This way it gets us out of being the experiencer and more into the OBSERVER!!! This is a great way to come from a detached position…Thanks for this wonderful amazing info!
    I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, magical learning experience…:)

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