This video highlighted that the messages of the cards are determined by what you expect them to speak to.  According to this expectation, the story-in-motion changes because you’re requiring them to speak about different subjects.  The video also covered the different ways to use the message according to the position.

The Second And Third Cards

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The Second And Third Cards

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • Thank you, this is amazing.

  • Tawny Key says:

    I really like this reading. Since I’ve been able to get more peace and balance in my life I felt like, while you were talking, I should celebrate all of these internal accomplishments deliberately and more often.

  • Mari Brias says:

    Thank you Colette! I am loving this new perspective of Stories in Motion and the possibilities it gives us when doing a card reading. It’s fascinating how we can get a different picture on the same cards depending on our vantage point!

  • Janie Hanks says:

    Wow Colette! This just makes so much sense!! It gives me a clearer picture on how I have been asking the questions and what frame of mind I have been in when I ask my cards the question. This video has really helped me so much. Thank you!!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    So much to learn still about how to understand different positions for 3 card reading and how to interpret answers from the various positions, but I definitely get that the meaning would most definitely change.

  • This is like turning the knob on the radio dial to that exact sweet spot where all the static disappears! I love learning this beautiful loving language of Spirit through WOTO and your guidance:)I’m starting to understand my previous interactions with WOTO with even more clarity, as I look back through my journals I.m understanding the messages even more clearly.

  • Dana Manning says:

    Love this module, but I do have to watch the videos more than once, print the transcript and practice for sure. ❤️💥🌟

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    The last 2 videos have really made my cards come alive for me.

  • My aha moment – I’ve been asking question in the wrong way, no wonder the guidance feels all off!

  • There’s allot to think about in this module and the approach to the reading-love the guidance and a way that I can corral my thoughts into some structure that will assist and allow me to cover the meaning and messages being conveyed.
    One to keep reviewing!

  • Whew. This is the hardest part. Knowing what and how to ask. I intend to rewatch (is that a word?) this series over and over this next couple of weeks.

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