This video highlighted that every card deck has a personality and spirit.  The Oracle Card deck is your friend. It talked about how the spark of Spirit in you awakens the spark of Spirit in the deck.  WOTO is your companion.

The video included 8 questions and cards about how we have a relationship with WOTO and how it relates to us as a group.

Getting To Know Your Cards

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Getting To Know Your Cards

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • I have enjoyed this video so much on this day, it is a Godsend! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Lynn Day says:

    Love the analogy of the cards being my mentor as that is something that I am missing in my life right now. Thank you!

  • Reina Ortega says:

    Although my cards are my friend, I need to approach my questions without being in my head, and all over the place. Even when I say’ “good morning, I’ll try and keep my thoughts clear, but you know how I am”. I’ll work on that. Loved your reading for us.

  • I think my cards are messing with me. I asked the question. How do you love me? My gut before I pulled the cards was with humour & fun. Then I pulled the Orphaned card. I think my deck is saucy.

  • Some people celebrate their time in sobriety. I celebrate my time living without constant fight or flight. OS is helping me feel safe, equivocally know spirit is with me, and to truly be able to get in touch with my feelings and higher self comfortably. So Grateful.

  • Extraordinary lesson, am floating on Pink clouds:)

  • Brilliant! I absolutely loved this lesson! Wow! Thanks.

  • i like that every card invokes two faces one being definitely Spirit…makes me always dwell on the whole card

  • I am grateful and in awe of the relationship I have built with WOTO.

  • After watching this video, I drew a card with the question of “What is the attitude I need to most benefit from this course. Drew #19 Flexible. Says it all

  • OMG! That reading was ASTOUNDING! It brought tears to my eyes! WOW! It was VERY moving! Thank you!

  • I also pulled the card ‘between worlds’ as I ask about the same question 3 days ago and thanks Coletta for the deeper explanation of it. I feel I am on the right path. Thanks Coletta.

  • so rich in wisdom and light, thank you Colette. I’ve found all is true working with 7 of your decks, but what really struck home and tied it all together was the last card, No Place Like Home! I’m learning to find home in my own skin…….. again, thank you. Sending blessings, love and light……..L

  • This was a great video. I have felt a bit out of sorts and pulled Between Worlds. I was a bit concerned, but in watching this video I realize there is no reason to be too concerned as we are all going through similar experiences. As long as I continue to cultivate that beginners mind, I will keep learning and lose the fear.

  • Marie Mohler says:

    I loved this video. I love the magical music that accompanies the great insights revealed in each lesson. And I very much feel the cards mentoring me with their extraordinary living energy and powerful presence in my heart’s awareness. I love this course and am so grateful to be here. The oracle cards summoned me to be here in perfect timing this year!

  • Even though I’ve been through PM before I still feel like I’m a brand new babe and opening up to these cards and myself as if for the 1st time. Totally in awe and loving my deepening work.

  • Emm Millar says:

    I loved this video . I love them all but your interpretation of the meaning of the card Between Worlds was fabulous . I have drawn it several times and now it is beginning to make more sense .. Im beginning to understand that the Cards and The Oracle are not to be frightened of fact they are showing us the path , they are helping us . I can look at that card and all the others that you spoke about in a different light now …helpful, co creative, divine spirit , the highest good . Thank you Colette !!

  • WOW! Spot on!! I feel the spirit in my deck, very special, very much respected. The reading you did brought me to tears. Thank you

  • I LOVE this video. I especially enjoyed the practical application of working with WOTO (and other decks). So excited to ask the questions and see how WOTO responds. Thank you, Colette.

  • 11 mins of pure wisdom! This video is pure ah-ha’s. Ive felt the Oracles presence since I opened the box and began interacting with her & the cards. Thank you for illustrating this important point. An even bigger channel of wisdom woke up inside me by acknowledging her spirit through your spoken words. I had a direct spark and & felt my soul ignite. This Oracle has SOOO much to offer me and each one of us! Love, luv, love! Thank you for this reading Colette, I can’t wait to serve/learn more and “birth” what is for the highest good for all.

  • Tamara Gold says:

    I loved how you put questions to the deck to see how the deck can better inform and guide us in this program. I’m loving what I’m learning in here about applying questions to the deck for all areas of life and understanding the way in which this tool can serve. I will try this with a few other of my decks I use regularly. Thank you Colette – I’m loving learning who to use the WOTO / Oracle cards in a more expansive way.

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