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Lesson: Practical Magic

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Empty To Be Filled

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Sound Of The Sun

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Comments 12
  • Rose Romani says:

    Loved the 8 different ways to use WOTO😊💕

  • Meditations are a challenge. It’s hard for me to slow down and focus. Love the content!

  • I love the info in Video 5, showing 8 different versions of the 1st card. I am going to try this exercise in a neutral way to expand my use of the cards and explore the many applications that 1st card can have.

  • Excellent and thanks you!

  • Sherry Hash says:

    I asked what is the most important thing to learn for my highest good moving forward in module 3. I got #Yin in protection. What stood out for me was The Art Of Conscious Allowing and for my second card I got

  • An empty mind is quiet- quite foreign to my basic life. It feels content

    • Sherry Hash says:

      Well I ran out so this not good. Got meaning in protection as second card I got out of it that our loss and heartbreak is a lesson, to raise our conscious awareness that this to shell pass. That pain is a feeling that doesn’t stay forever that it allows for growth.

  • I asked. How will Oracle School serve me in my life? I got #1. Yang! This card blew me away…This course will help me move in a creative activity with the divine helping me to take action and manifest my thoughts and desires into concrete form. It is bringing me a new life, obstacles are overcome. I are the shaper of my destiny. I have the energy to accomplish my goals. Go for it! Wowsa!!! I’d say I couldnt have picked a more perfect card. I know that I feel like the cards have become a trusted friend…my divine friend.. As i just glanced at the clock..11:11 pm. Synchronicity of the time as well as I write this…Jeez could this feel any more aligned??!! If I ever questioned if this course was going to have significance in my life, I have been given a very clear and beautiful answer. Thank you💖

    • Rosemary and Everyone
      I also received Yang for what the cards bring to me!lol. Also the 11;11 thing has been happening to me daily, usually twice or more. I’m blown away. The energy in this class is completely synergistic and filled with love.

  • Ivi Brown says:

    It feels empowering and I feel more connected to Spirit now that I know that I have the power to determine ,y own meanings to my card positions beforehand. I LOVED how you showed us the different meanings a single card can have, depending on the position. Thanks! Xo

  • Dana Manning says:

    Love the Empty to be filled meditation

  • What is my challenge:Milk and honey in protection – asking for clarity Yin in Protection. I feel so blessed.

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