This video discussed how the first, or anchor, the card is pre-determined by you.  It highlighted how to prepare for a reading and the importance of being willing to see what’s in the cards, rather than entering into Oracle Abuse.  It also talked about adapting to curiosity.

Anatomy Of A Question

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Anatomy Of A Question

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Practical Magic lesson progress
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  • Here I realize that I put my projection into the cards and have a problem of not doing that. I am working on the 3-step process that Colette said to try and use before touching the cards. Thank you

  • Suz Zinn says:

    The structure before I begin a reading is as important as the reading itself! This shifted my perception of coming to the deck clear & prepared. Thank you! BTW- the theme music in this module just – is SO extra! Makes me smile.

  • Nikki Keraus says:

    I love the concept of meeting the spirit of the deck and learning to approach WOTO as a friend.

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I remember doing I-Ching abuse. Kept tossing them coins! Kept getting told the same answer. It was no joke. I kept wanting the I-Ching to tell me these past romantic relationships were gonna work, and, nope, it just wasn’t happening. Same idea, so I well understand the phenomena. Pretty determined not to do that anymore. I did finally learn my lesson. Whenever I found myself doing that, I started to realize, enh, it’s just not gonna be a good outcome.

  • Mo Rogers says:

    AHA! Now I see where all the lessons I have experienced this year regarding learning how to detachd are coming in handy!

  • I needed to be reminded of approaching with curiosity. Thanks.

  • I have been good at forming the question, I really needed to work on intention and getting myself settled before the reading. I am working on knowing this and then being able to see this in the reading if I can’t understand what the cards are saying about my question.

  • Sammi Strow says:

    I love these module 3 videos. Every time I watch them I learn more!

  • Learning how to ask questions has made all the difference.

  • The way you describe Oracle abuse, reminds me of the movie Jumanji, the first release. When the little boy is shaking the dice and he tries to manipulate the dice to win but he ends up being turned into a monkey. I certainly don’t want to be turned into a monkey LOL

  • Joyce Morrow says:

    wow, to pretend to read for someone else. But for yourself !! That’s interesting !!!

  • I love when you said to approach your reading like your reading for someone else! Now when I get a card that does not resonate with me I’m going to ask myself if this was someone else how would you interpret the message. I bet I’ll get some ah-ha,s.

  • I continue to be both intrigued and curious

  • There is a lot of gold for me in this video. I got so much clarity from it. I’ve been giving readings for a long time, and yet you covered in five minutes what I haven’t come across in more than two decades. Oracle School has been exactly what I need at this point in my life, Colette. Thank you.

  • colette I didnt realize what i had absorbed from you until i asked to give a reading for a friend. It was alot of work trying to get them to focus on just one thing that wasnt vague. I also realized how much power people give away to psychics etc when it comes to their life and decisions. very eye opening. thank you I appreciate you and what you do. Lynn aka lennette abella

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