In this video a reminder is provided to remain present in the day-to-day, and that your unique, authentic and inspired life comes to you by being you and getting to know yourself.

Through a 3-card demonstration using WOTO, guidance is provided in response to the question ‘How do we use the Oracle as a means of finding out what a unique, authentic and inspired life means to us individually?’ The reading advises to do the next thing that’s in front of us as we leave behind the self, while remembering that this is a day-to-day, lifetime process requiring us to take small steps to get to the big ones.

Unique Authentic Inspired Life

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Unique Authentic Inspired Life

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Bringing your Magic into the World lesson progress
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  • Wow! Another great lesson. I’ve Watched this 3 times,,, so far. I wish I could take you with me in my pocket when I’m out in the world. It’s an ongoing practice. And I need to be reminded of that daily. Right now I’m just taking it one day at a time. Love you xoxo

  • Being in the ‘now’ is quite a struggle, but your lesson is helping me realize to take small steps over time. Thank you once again for helping me stay in tune with me.

  • how did I miss the twenty four piece lst time I took this course…guess i wasn’t ready til now

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I like the emphasis on leaving behind what we THINK of parts of ourself rather than on that part of ourself per se. It’s our self-concepts that can cause so much ruckus. (and pain).

  • Just 5minutes ago, I picked up Thinker for my anchor card today to question “What do I need to know today to live my authentic and inspirational life, with highest good for all”. 😀 So FUN <3

  • Thank God Colette interprets that 3 card spread. idk that I would have gotten that by myself

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    Loved this reading for the group. This morning I chose Not for you as my anchor card. Really loved the explanation, Colette, beyond the guidebook. Thanks it is what I needed to hear.

  • it really does take an effort to do only one module a day.. but worth it

  • Accepting who I am and how I respond at a deeper level, has been unbelievable!

  • If I show 3 comments.
    It wasn’t my intention
    Mercury retrograde.
    Oops lol

  • Ah-ha – letting go of those things, ideas, feelings, etc, that do not serve me.

  • I have been blown away by the difference being in the observer has been. I use to sulk, get grumpy or run and hide when people put me down. Now I am able to stand and let the feeling flow through as I stay in the observer mind of that is interesting, feeling how it has triggered me yet allowing me to move through and not hide those feelings. I still have a long way to go however it is becoming easier and quicker to move forward. Thank you

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