This video talks about obstacles, pointing out that they come from resistance within us, and consequently are out-pictured into the world.

Two examples of obstacles are talked about. A 2-card reading regarding obstacles, both cards being anchor cards, is provided and this advises us to release attachment to an outcome. Remembering to take a breath and engaging with the Oracles to navigate obstacles and resistance is also talked about.


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Bringing your Magic into the World lesson progress
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  • Rose Romani says:

    Even re visiting the modules again the cards revealed more! I had a denial thing going on so loyal hear when you read it was a proverbial kick”ass” card! THANK YOU!

  • Rose Romani says:

    Oh my Goodness the loyal heart card was perfect in reflecting an attachment I had!! Taken the blind fold off now!!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I wonder if now whenever I ask about a
    situation and the next right action if I should look at that as a 2
    anchor card reading instead.

  • Realizing the obstacles are how I perceive them and that they are within me has been my theme for the week… how this video is in this weeks module.

  • Geez…I’ve given some past obstacles too much attention… now I know to trust Spirit more so that that fear of any resistance dissipates. Thus it makes the obstacle that appears to.. but disappear!

  • Lillian Meng says:

    I am truly enlightend by this. Thanks!

  • The message I heard is Surrender to Spirit. I am holding on to a calling that probably no longer serves me. I realize that I have less enthusiasm for it as I once did and my job opportunities keep drying up. Rather than be frustrated that the job opportunities keep drying up, I want to step back and say “this is interesting”. Perhaps Spirit is guiding me to understand that my work is done and I need to move on?

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    OMG that’s just what I was talking about in the last video comment. The resistance is a hidden obstacle. Wow those 2 cards said it all. Let past attachments go & my attachments brought me to this place again. Fear of saying yes to go ahead & fear of being laughed at by my husband when I tell him that I want to continue learning more about Oracle Cards to help others. And to think it’s only my perception of the situation!

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