In this video, we must learn what it means to be inspired, and realize that we’re in partnership with Spirit through which we breathe and are filled with inspiration.

Using WOTO as our guide we receive a 3-card group reading highlighting what action we need to take to become more inspired and in-tune
with what makes our heart sing. This video also draws our attention to the importance of doing the necessary legwork because Spirit is not going to do it all for you, even though the inspiration is there already. Additionally, the importance of trust and divine timing is talked about, reminding us that what is meant for us won’t go past us.


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Bringing your Magic into the World lesson progress
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  • Colette, another wonderful Video and just loved this!

  • You are so enlightening and help me see where I am coming from. Your encouragement helps me look at my life a different way and explore the possibilities. They are limitless from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Huge hug to you. Yes I know this, but I am stubborn and you broke through my precious intrenched pea mind. I DON’T HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO!!!!!, it is a feeling that comes through me. Oh I have experienced this feeling by grace and still go back to ego. Colette I am feeling more and hope to let loose of fear, to allow more spirit to flow through me. Time for more forgiveness and letting go of patterns for the cup to have room for spirit. Love your Program, Yes I am a 5’9″ pretzel wanting to unwind.

  • Nugget: Who Breathes me?
    Wow! Never really thought of it like that…Thank you

  • This is AWESOME1 Thank you, Collette and Team.

    I planned to wait on the next course because I wasn’t inspired to continue 😜! Until I began this module and looked at how much I’ve grown since the beginning of this course. Now I’ve completely made up my mind to do it!

    I still struggle with feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff to do everyday 🥴 but I’m hanging in there and letting it be what it is-a feeling, but not continually letting it define me. The patterns that have come up I’m so glad to change. I didn’t even know some of them were there. Thank you, thank you, thank you❤️

  • This video is my absolute favorite! I so connected to it. OMG..”The Breath of Spirit” ♥️🙏 Thank you, Colette 😘

  • Vicki Albin says:

    For me, Video 6;4 is the BEST. This has given me the words to re-fuel where I am and to share with others. THANK YOU!

  • The past few weeks my work has not been busy, quite slow really for this time of year, I heard you today Colette and the message from this reading is maybe I don’t know all I think you know, maybe I need to practice more with my notes and pull out old course notes to see what I have missed to open up to the universe that I am still here ready to serve.

  • Ah-ha Tick Tock card. There IS enough time if I follow through and do the leg work. Recently, I have have found my age of 64 to feel limiting as if it is too late to seek my heart’s desire. Tick Tock reminds me that there is always enough time when you are following Spirit.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    This has been a challenge for me, waiting for the inspiration to find me. I’ve always jumped on so many shiney courses that have interested me & have made my living at 3 of them for 30 yrs., but now I am looking for something new to give to the world. Oracle cards have really filled my heart but now I think I am resisting because of my past always jumping onto something else. I feel cautious. This has been the best “learning about yourself” tool I have ever come across in all my healing days. Cards have always been in my periphery so perhaps it’s time to take that leap.

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