This video invites you to take an inventory of your experience so far in Personal Mastery through reviewing your posts, meditation experience, relationship with your Oracle Cards, and what is being reflected to you in your outer world.

The Video also briefly discusses the process of what will happen at the conclusion of this final module.

Bringing your Magic into the World

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Bringing your Magic into the World

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Bringing your Magic into the World lesson progress
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  • I can’t put into words the growth the changes the awareness the clarity! It is literally like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz“ when it goes from B/W to color!!! Thank you for helping me find the open doors and signs!!! It’s been fun and amazing!! Colette your gift and how you share with such integrity and expertise is so inspirational and loving! TY!!!!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I wonder how one can comb through everything to find one’s old posts. When I post something I see that link just for that moment “your post” or something like that but it doesn’t stay there.

  • Denise Wells says:

    I started off flying a fire breathing dragon and now fly on dragon flies, humming birds and bumble bees landing in flowers! I am committed to this journey from here on. More serene, less reactive, learning and willing to listen. OS has truly been a blessing, thank you all. Much love 🦋🌹

  • This is a late finish as I’ve alrea signed for sw
    However this was mind blowing
    Can I guide someone through the chair exercise?

  • Thank you for this amazing opportunity to work through Personal Mastery, I am amazed at how much more i learned , gratitude for all that you do Colette and Doug 💕💕 not enough words to explain the gratitude Ii feel in my heart! 💕

  • Wish I did Get On Your Bird more to notice change but love this much to consider putting the yardstick behind us. I love this video. I HAVE benefited from a story in motion mindset to life…feel like self blame and criticism and sense if being stuck has lifted

    • You can get on your bird anywhere you want to, this took a bit to understand but I was numbing pain not listening to the meditation and it hit me l! I was doing it this was a ah ha moment good luck keep at it

  • I am learning to Trust Spirit and my intuition. Also how I love to control things to feel safe- that one I’m also learning to how to let go.

  • I am not married to the outcome like I once was. It is very liberating!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I have learned to remember to flow. My tendency is to push, as if I have to do something now. When I feel that now I stop & get back into a rhythm. I also learned when the negative memories pop up I can immediately say “Oh I’ve let go of that. Shoo…. And then I think of my UAI life forming now. I’ve learned to forgive myself & have patience for what I am manifesting now. I don’t know what that is exactly but I know what I am becoming as a person. Namaste`

  • Tori Kyburz says:

    Yes, I normally do not have “Owls” but recently they have been showing up more than usual!

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