This video is focused on the 3-chair exercise taken from the Invision Training Course. It discusses what each chair represents and guides you, step-by-step, through the process.

The Chair Exercise

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The Chair Exercise

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Bringing your Magic into the World lesson progress
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  • Diana Davis says:

    I have used different decks of cards for answers for many years. I like the fresh ideas of working with the tarot cards.

  • Charles Pack says:

    Jumping Bean Colette, Lol Never saw you that way. Great teaching, felt this one go deep down. Loving Oracle school.

  • Kathryn Buys says:

    Before I send the goblin chair to the corner and only after I have fully embodied the emotions from that chair, I want to fill it with love, flowers, and crystals. Then it’s beautiful and I will be less tempted to sit in it!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    Helps to know all those negative awful emotions are NOT one’s self and to NOT identify with them, which is nice.

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I wonder what would happen to have the Observer Chair FACE the other chairs, watching them directly. But better not fool with instructions. Hard for me to get in observer because physically still feeling heavy hearted from stuff that doesn’t just shift out. But did observe that.

  • This was fabulous and amazing! Thank you Colette💜💙💚

  • Sherry Hash says:

    Wow!! The Chair Exercise looks like a really great way to stay focused an in the moment and centered. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  • Thank you for your care and guidance over the past 2 months. OS has helpe me to grow in ways I never would have dreamed possible. Miracles really do happen here. If its in the cards for me, I will see you in level 2. Love hugs and all that jazz.

  • Wow, did I need to do this today! Thank you Colette 💜

  • Denise Wells says:

    This looks amazing, very excited to try this! The change in facial expression and body language was very noticeable. Thank you Colette 🌹

  • Debbie Buss says:

    Great exercise, I’ve watched this before and used it on my clients and myself with great results ! Watching it again today, I noticed how Colette’s face changes when she sits in the goblin chair, compared to the neutral chair, where she is more relaxed , very fascinating as never noticed it last year !

  • Wow! I was immediately calm in the Observer Chair! This is magic!

  • What a fabulous concept! Man I am going to do this lots! I’m always rushed and stressed

  • This was and continues to be an amazing and powerful exercise. Powerful. Thanks again Colette. (Hah, going through my own detox right now – so resonated.)

  • i do love this exercise it creates a completely different viewpoint- i use chairs in my work- this is a lovely way to think thank you

  • Thanks so much Colette! The chair exercise in this video seems slightly different from the audio/homeplay version. Assuming both are good! But just curious if they serve a slightly different purpose or can be used interchangeably.

  • Hahah!!! Love the chair and identify with your goblin!!! Will put my chair there too!!! Fat complex- see need for forgiveness to some wise guys in elementary school !!! Thank you , once again!!!! 🌻❤️🤗

  • Vicki Albin says:

    awesome. btw, your hair is just fine, just different.

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    That was amazing, I think I will try this one night at one of our Sisterhood sessions, it will be fun and educating to each one of us. TY Colette great video

  • This by far is my favorite segment of this Module! What a great exercise to redirect yourself or another to become Neutral. For me, being Neutral will help me in my work and personal life. Thank you Collette!

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