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Lesson: Bringing Your Magic To The World

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Chair Exercise

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Chair Exercise

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Comments 18
  • Sherry Hash says:

    Wow I have never really completed anything and saw it completely through from beginning to end because I didn’t trust myself to learn it, I didn’t trust myself to share about it because I never knew how to handle my feelings very well and always worried what others would think so I allowed me to be what you needed me to be instead of who I am. Im just so proud of myself right now. I can’t tell you what this School has done for me.

  • Autumn Reed says:

    I’m late finishing. Best course I’ve taken.❤️

  • Of course im finishing a little late and you probably won’t see this but i am so very grateful to you…shared wisdom next year ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • so so welcome 😉

  • Teri Epperly says:

    Just finished the chair exercise and it was a-MAZING. I had a vision of this hyper-vigilant, small-framed person whose name was Geraldine. I looked at her and she looked exhausted. My heart opened and I thanked her for all her efforts for years trying to keep me safe from my biggest fear. I acknowledged that I had needed her because I wasn’t ready to let it go — until now. The words flowed out of me and I knew I was in the Observer chair. It was energizing to experience.

    I came to Oracle School because I knew this fear blocked my progress forward. I love how slowly, step by step, I reached this moment, this clarity. I am beyond grateful for this incredible experience.

  • OMGoodness. I know I’ve bin changed.

  • the chair exercise helps me be physically present in my emotional recognition…who is it who sits where i sit now and who do i want to sit there? thank you

  • Tori Kyburz says:

    Thank you so very much Colette! Big Love to you!

  • I LOVE the chair exercise, it honestly feels like a game changer! The freedom I feel in setting that goblin aside is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Colette for sharing your wisdom with us.
    Excellent course!!!!
    Side note: I noticed we have the same birthday 🙂

  • Terry Moser says:

    A big Aha for me with the ‘Sacrifice Card’ in protection from your Mystical Shaman deck. As suggested I gave up my creative pursuits to Spirit, had a series of childhood flashbacks and then felt a heavy cloud of energy leave my being and started to create with joy and ease. Colette, your system provides practical, applicable solutions for removing blocks & obstacles. Much love & gratitude to you and your team. Terry in Vancouver

  • Many thanks Collette for sharing your insights and gifts!

  • This was another amazing Module – thank you. I can’t ever imagine your inner beauty not shining on the outside so I loved your hair in the Chair Exercise Video too :))

    My Ah-Ha was with the video on the Relationship card reading. I have done both the General and the Business one many times – not really understanding the Relationship one as I didn’t really understand how the Dynamic played out or even exactly what it meant. Thank you so much Colette for making it so clear.
    Another Ah-Ha – I really hadn’t understood how everything happens in 24 hours. You encapsulated it perfectly for me and now I have another amazing too. I could go on as there were more ah-ha’s and a few epiphanies but I will just express my gratitude that you live your unique, authentic and inspired life and share, so generously, the tools to help
    me. With much love and gratitude.

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