This video highlights that all of Colette’s decks are designed to work together, each having their own personality and perspective to share on a topic.

When working with multiple decks, the first deck you choose becomes your anchor deck. The video includes a demonstration of working with multiple decks using The Enchanted Map, WOTO, and The Good Tarot decks to inform us about what we need to know about using multiple decks.

Working With Multiple Decks

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Working With Multiple Decks

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Bringing your Magic into the World lesson progress
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  • Paula Gregg says:

    But the only questions that can go in the house are to request help with reading and interpreting cards that we pull or how to ask/frame questions for a reading, correct? not for info on these modules. That’s been my understanding anyway.

  • Really Enjoyed This!

  • Sherry Hash says:

    Lesson 7 was awesome talking about integrating with different Oracle Decks. Because some heavy things about my past that has carried over to my present had been coming to light as I’ve been doing the lessons that I made the conscious decision when we were on module 3 that I did a deep dive using WOTO, Spirit Animal and Crystal Spirit. I even shared about it in Dragonfly House because it was such an emotional eye opener so once a week I use all 3 decks an do a reading on myself and I keep a separate journal on those once weekly intergrations to see how they have helped me understand what I’m being stuck at that needs more work ahead. Colette is right when she said in beginning of Oracle school that the majority of her decks can play off one another. They flow beautifully together so much so that I want her other decks as well. I can’t believe how much more settled I am in my own skin now. What a difference and my family is noticing it as well so makes it more transforming and beautiful experience for me.

  • Connie says:

    I love the idea of working with several decks and I can see how a different slant from each deck would be helpful. I’m loving these oracle cards!

  • Josie Knorr says:

    Had so much fun working with multiple decks! I used your website since I only own WOTO, and yes, I did feel a bit like I was cheating on WOTO. Drew Field of Dreams (21) from Enchanted Map, Tick Tock (30) (P) from WOTO, and The Phoenix (29) from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. Such a great message for doing the work to harness my potential, having all the time I need, and reinvention and rebirth.

    • Paula Gregg says:

      Where’d you get these options? which website? when I go to colette’s free online oracle cards I get WOTO, Mystical Shaman, and Spirit Animal Oracles. Sometimes I get the chrystal one too.

  • I love working with both the Spirit Animal and WOTO decks… I find the Spirit Animal Deck to be quite cheeky!… but then again, so am I! LOL!

  • I love this video so much. The spreads and demos with the cards are one of my most favorite parts of the course.

  • Millie Carey says:

    Love to be with my new friends!!!!!

  • I do agree that your cards do talk to each other because after I pull my Anchor card and then pull an Animal Spirit card the message continues from the WOTO card.

  • Lillian Meng says:

    When seeking the guidance, and each counsel gives you a different view. If this is a better approach then should I never go back to using just one single oracle deck?

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