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Understanding Time In Oracles lesson progress
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  • I’m loving this!!!

  • Diana Davis says:

    Love these Videos. Learning more of the connection of the anger card and the other 2 cards made so much sense to me on this video.

  • Jeannie says:

    OMG Colette your dog is so cute. She looks like a little teddy bear only cuter.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I loved your explanation of pulling our daily cards & now 3 cards. I felt something was going on here I was missing. I just learned another concept of time & that is the seasons, the destruction, dying, erosion & then the rebirth, regeneration, renewal and it flows on & on like that. I think these next lessons will answer a lot of my questions. Just loving SW! Thank you for passing on your wisdom.

  • Lillie Ruby says:

    SMH…I finally got it. I know. I know. You’ve been saying pull one card THEN the others. The old programming of pulling three cards stuck though and I often do that thinking, “Well, here is my first card, then more info… Mutters to self…follow directions. Well this intro broke through that stuck spot with stating that the next card starts times in motion. So, I see I’ve been fixating what I was trying to get clarity upon and blocking or slowing down the story in motion. Oxymoric! Wow. Took a while, but I GOT IT! Thank you!

  • Millie Carey says:

    So funny what a coincidence! We were talking with my husband yesterday about Time and how busy he is. Naturally I told him “Time is an Illusion”. Well he said explain me why you say that, I don’t understand. Time is Time he said. I realized at this moment that I was not able to give hime a logical clear explanation because first I don’t have it and second I am just experiencing that whenever I put a Time frame in my life it creates more stress and barriers, less present (I am missing opportunity by looking at the big GOAL which includes TIME for me) and doesn’t allow myself to be in the fluidity of life and connection of the unknown where all resides. Now Colette, you are adding to the three dimensions, the 4th, 5th and sixth dimensions. Yes it is complex and I know there is more to come but when I will really understand it it will be easier to explain it to my husband. Keep learning Millie keep growing. Thank you Colette:)

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