Fixed vs. Mutable Future

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Fixed vs. Mutable Future

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Understanding Time In Oracles lesson progress
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  • Tammy Engel says:

    What a relief to be off the hook about goals!

  • Aha- I used to draw my cards early in the day- off- times- my to- do list and earth time would creep in. When day is done- so to speak- I seem more able to get out of my own way and connect more with spirit. I guess i is tired enough to not interefere and my goblins are resting already🌻🤗❤️

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    This is why I never liked goals. I had to put the vision in form as a house or car or specific amount of money. I don’t think I ever made one of those goals on the vision boards I made. What I do want is more intangible like serving people, making what I need to sustain myself comfortably giving me more to help others & myself grow. I feel I’ve done that except the financial freedom but that must be a big wound to work through! When I have briefly experienced a bit of financial freedom I had a huge sense of freedom, movement & motion & it showed up in all areas of my life. Guess I felt I didn’t deserve it or it will never last – well now I have a lot of questions for my council! Thank you so much Colette! I love how you teach, the progression you take & filling me with magic once again!

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