The Past And Predictions

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The Past And Predictions

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  • Tammy Engel says:

    Intriguing. What an opportunity to leave some of the baggage behind by re-writing the past. Eager for more! xo tammy e

  • Amazing this video explains so much! I now know how to move forward. Thank you

  • Danny Blitz says:

    You just opened the door to my bird cage.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Before I even saw this video I was wondering why we need to rewrite our stories of the past because that’s what made us who we are today. Why not accept the past with compassion, knowing you did the best you could at the time with the knowledge you had, and move forward rewriting who you want to be now. Hoping to get this answered in the next 2 modules! I’m getting myself really confused herešŸ¤£

  • finally, I understand. I will still be triggered, I will still have drama, but I can use the cards to cycle out of it and not anchor it again in the now, thus repeating the past. I have to want to change, leave the familiar pain for the unknown mystery of what could be……. easier said than done……. but worth the effort, thank you Colette!

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