Linear Time vs. Fractal Time

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Linear Time vs. Fractal Time

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Understanding Time In Oracles lesson progress
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  • Reina Ortega says:

    I’m very visual and love when you really “break it down”. Really taking it all in. Super Interesting. xoxo

  • Yes new fractal/pattern!!! I’m up for the challenge😀

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I’m starting to get this. The story really is the same but we start to see it through a different lens. A lens of more compassion, opening of the heart & positive things. We all have wounds it’s a choice of viewing them from above with no attachment & seeing how to make new choices now that we are aware of them & that’s how we rise up! This is mind 🤯blowing!

  • Ohhhh this is so interesting! I’ve been saying all along that I see readings in a complete circle first card being the anchor Card. The second card , third card and fourth card will come full circle back to the anchor Card connecting back up. But what if I’m really seeing more of a spiral effect where the cards are not coming full circle but spiraling upward? Hmmmmm

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