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Stories in Motion

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Understanding Time In Oracles lesson progress
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  • Yes evolving is hard work but so worth it!

  • Diana Davis says:

    Love the threads concept. Everything is weaved as our lives are weaved from our experience. 4th dimension is very interesting subject that is wetting my curiosity.

  • Thanks!! Vantage point changes as we evolve – and every time you uplevel- a new devil- wow did that resonate!!!
    It’s like a button clicked to unlock an opening❤️

  • My AHA! Using Oracle cards to identify the outside influences that I consciously cannot see that affect my everyday. Having an unbiased friend that gently shows you the ‘real deal’, away from any denial I may have. Awesome!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    We are not the same as when we started this course. So much is brought up through the cards. ANd that’s why the same cards keep coming round & round. It’s our pattern. I see forgiveness as a huge part of this healing of the wounds. SO much is SO much clearer now! Your genius!

  • Aha changing the past, forgive, move forward away from what’s pulling me back, pack it, or unpack it whichever. This resonates with me Thank you 🙏

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