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Sharing Wisdom With Multiple Oracles lesson progress
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  • I pulled a card to ask WOTO what it will be showing me during Shared Wisdom. I got “soulmate”. I instantly knew that this was my soul deck which I will always return to, a deep connection. It is most definitely my anchor deck! I am very excited to introduce other decks and create a councel 💗✨

  • Stacy Ryan says:

    I feel SO MUCH BETTER now! I connected with WOTO right away during PM. In preparation for SW I bought the rest of the decks (except The Good Tarot) and haven’t felt as connected to them yet. I ❤️ that I will learn how each deck will serve me! It’s like a group of friends where you go to one for advice on X, another for advice on Y, etc, and gaining different perspectives. Now I’m EXCITED to learn what wisdom each deck has to share with me!

  • Hi Colette, I just love the way you teach and i love the idea about a councel aswell.💖 Exept for the good tarot and the goddess deck I have all of the decks

  • Thank you very helpful 🦋

  • Terri Cohen says:

    As I begin Shared Wisdom and get to know each deck better, I notice how everything that came up in Personal Mastery is now being highlighted and taking me much deeper into my Story. The Enchanted Map really speaks to me and I am grateful for their council.

  • It’s funny you shared this, because this morning, I opened 3 new decks to draw wisdom. Isn’t that synchronic!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Interesting you mentioned that there are some decks you may not gravitate to. I am a little hesitant to try out the new decks. It’s like meeting someone new & not knowing what to expect. Will we be friends or we just don’t mesh? I always want to like everyone but that’s becoming harder & I feel bad when I don’t like someone. I think something is wrong with me. Looking forward to meeting all the decks & having you be our guide. Thank you!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    Loved the introduction because I have the decks in a basket that I use each morning. Sometimes my hand just does not wish to pick a particular deck but my guidance has pushed me to choose that deck anyway. Can’t wait to explore the decks with you to understand why that just might be! Thank you. xox

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