The Good Tarot

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The Good Tarot

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Sharing Wisdom With Multiple Oracles lesson progress
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  • Diana Davis says:

    I love working with the full council. I love reading the various answers for my questions. Thank you

  • The Good Tarot took me longer to attune to than the others but I absolutely love it and I know I don’t work with it nearly enough. The positive messages are beautiful and really helped me with my self-worth.

  • I know you want us to develop our own relationships with the decks but I love hearing their creation stories.

  • Erin Briggs says:

    Gah! That message from Postcards from Spirit. Exactly what I needed in this moment. Grateful

  • There is something amazing about this idea of having a full council – I have been trying to figure out “who are my guides, really?” I’ve pulled from three decks so far and something major is happening in how I feel loved and supported – I have never thought of it this way before. There is like a huge spiritual hug around me in a way I never experienced until yesterday and today. This has brought tears to my eyes several times today. Thank you Colette!!!

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