Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

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Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

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Sharing Wisdom With Multiple Oracles lesson progress
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  • robin Dana says:

    Oh my gosh! This deck takes me back to my childhood! Growing up, I would play outside whenever I could, searching the woods and nature for mystical creatures, faeries, and animal friends. I knew they were there. I just couldn’t see them. I am so excited to have this deck on my Council!❤️

  • I find that Wisdom of the Hidden Realms is the one deck that will slap me that little bit harder when I have resistance to a message or action I really do not want to acknowledge.

  • Toni Nell says:

    Wisdom of the Hidden Realms is a very special deck for me. It was first introduction to CBR. I was in a metaphysical store and walked past the deck. I got an intense pull and a tingling over my body. Thinking “that’s interesting” I bought the deck. Although I own all CBR decks, this particular deck is sacred to me.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    AHA! Glad you explained the protection cards & even though you are asking the question how will you serve my council the oracle may be speaking to us on how we will get the best out of the council. A little confusing but starting to understand.

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