Enchanted Map

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Enchanted Map

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Sharing Wisdom With Multiple Oracles lesson progress
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  • This is my second favourite go to deck (WOTO) is usually my first port of call. In the box I have a piece of paper of my very first reading with it from 13th Jan 2013 with the question ‘where I am now’? I think this must be an exercise contained in the book ‘The Map’. This was a 3 card reading and I wrote it down, dated it and kept it folded in the box with the cards. After watching this video I unfolded that paper to look at it for the first time since I wrote it. I feel inspired to do another 3 card reading on the same question towards the summer once SW has had time integrate more and reflect on my journey.

  • I have had this deck sitting on my shelf for at least a year. Opened her up for SW and pulled my cards. My ah-ha today is about how something can sit for so long, unattended and then one day become such an incredible source of light. Like so many other things in my life that I have left unexplored, I am ready to open to the what-if’s and what-might-be’s. I just need to trust and take some action. Thank you, thank you, to the spirit of light and learning, you have awoken within me.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Ohhhh… now I’m getting it. So glad I went through the videos. Each one made it clearer what the protection cards are saying. I need to go back & thank WOTO about those wonderful signs she told me to look out for. Remembering the oracle/Spirit only wants the best for us is key for me to trust to surrender to. Thank you Colette!

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