Career Using Multiple Decks

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Career Using Multiple Decks

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  • I looove those golden sides on the cards!

  • Jeannie says:

    I don’t know why but I keep being amazed at how this stuff works. Just before I listened to this module, I was contemplating how I could use my council to help me make a decision regarding what my like would look like if I retire from my very satisfying work as a Public Health Nurse. I’m all over the place with my feelings about whether or not to start planning for it. Colette when you spoke of the all things a career can mean or encompass, I think the social aspect and my own poverty concsciousness spoke to me the most. (And showed me I have to work on feeling worth if a prosperous life. The 5 council cards were amazing and for me it was like you pulled those cards FOR ME. I love this stuff. I pulled out all of the decks, and looked for the cards from each deck to set up and surround myself with the wisdom of the cards and as I was arranging the decks first from WOTO a card popped out (yin in protection and from TGT Fortunes Wheel). I am reading from all of this I need to examine why I’m so hesitant to retire (I hope to travel) and I need to address this limiting poverty consciousness. I’m grateful by repeating this course, I feel like I am peeling layers off of myself (like layers of an onion). Thank you for this enlightening course. I have no recollection of this particular video and exercise from the first time I took Shared wisdom but it definitely struck home with me today.

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