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Sharing Wisdom With Multiple Oracles lesson progress
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  • Diana Davis says:

    wow! I love this Module 2. It made so much sense to me and getting the deeper meaning of the reading.

  • Debbie Bauld says:

    I’m excited to have more insight into myself, so that I can be guided deeper into a place of more self awareness and inner peace . Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • My council is assembled- Thank you , Colette for your continued support and guidance ❤️Aha- I am human and am willing now to step outside of my box a bit more👌

  • Jeanette Peters says:

    This is all so perfect. I really love the council and how it helps open you up to a new perspective.

  • Millie Carey says:

    Let’s jump Happily to create new relationships with my new friends new councillors to become more intimate with each of these beautiful decks:) I am so grateful

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    Fantastic ❤❤❤

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