This video highlights how the Conscious Universe has governing Laws and that Universal Law has a structure.  These Laws keep the Conscious Universe in harmony with us, and us in harmony with the Conscious Universe. The four key Laws for Personal Mastery are the Law of Thought, Law of Frequency and Magnetism, Law of Forgiveness and the Law of Infinite Potential.

Laws Of The Universe

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Laws Of The Universe

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Laws of the Universe lesson progress
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  • Thank you for clarifying how the laws work together. It was important for me to understand how the Law of Thought sets all the other laws in motion.

  • I never knew that the law of attraction is just one of the laws, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us.

  • I followed Law of Attraction as in The Secret and realized there was so much more missing. Thank you for clarifying and showing missing pieces. I can plant an acorn, and it will grow into an oak tree but it has its own shape, size and form that makes it so unique without any direction from me.

  • This is so true. When I set my sights on locating something for gifts, all of a sudden I see the things I had in mind everywhere.

  • NANCI Stone says:

    This really resonates with me. I have become more aware of my thoughts, measuring them from negative to positive.

  • Tara Kochie says:

    It is within these laws that I find myself dropping back into old patterns. ty for the love, space and knowledge.

  • Everything I have been looking for is here. I consistently catch my thoughts and am more aware all the time. I even see answers outpictued . Thank you!

  • Yes things get clearer and clearer, it’s Beautiful! Thank you and God Bless 🙂

  • Aimee Phelan says:

    Love this and love you Colette. I am so glad synchronization lead to me finding you. I am learning so much in this course and enjoying strengthening my connection with the Divine 🙂

  • Marg Nicoll says:

    So interesting!

  • You’re really brilliant. I learn so much from you

  • Danny Blitz says:

    I love the Spotify metaphor, to create our own personal channel of our very favorite thoughts, the thoughts that make us resonate. THIS is AWESOME because it’s super helpful to think of it this way.

  • What a divine way to start my Monday. I can feel the becoming as each week unfolds….so much gratitude. The connections in my ‘Thoughts’, Heart, Body, Spirit continue to be monumental…I need to shout from the mountain tops PEOPLE gift yourself this course.

  • i love laughing with you. On the breathe i come to understand more thx

  • You explained that perfectly…. The Law of attraction is one law that “works together” with all the other laws. Thank You for clarifying that!

  • D Haines says:

    I am so impressed with the structure of this course and thank goodness that you set it up so that we are paced to get the foundation and steadiness to prepare us for the laws of the universe.

  • Noreen N says:

    Love this! You make it so understandable – lots of ah-ha’s! The power of thoughts is incredible and has such a profound impact on how the movie of life unfolds . . .

  • Sort of like using the cards as tuning forks/signposts to pull me back to where i belong and can thrive.

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    I love your use of the analogies, the metronomes and the Spotify playlist. This makes it so much more visual and easier to connect to our ability to observe what we are doing, thinking or saying that works in our favour or not.

    • Love the powerful acorn seed analogy. What I heard was if I plant an acorn seed I can count on an oak tree but the actual shape/form of the oak tree is yet to be known. If I have my heart set on a particular form, I’ll miss out the delightful surprise the Universe has in store for me. Thanks for making this fun and clear.

  • I loved how our thoughts are the “seeds” for what we manifest in our lives! What a powerful lesson for getting our thinking under control and in the right path – or as you stated In alignment! It also explains how we find ourselves mired down in negative emotions. Awesome! Thank you

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I love how you explain how all the laws work together. And how we are here to remind ourselves that the Universe is in us & we are in the Universe. I didn’t realize how much I really do separate my self when I look outside at the trees & the ocean. When I was younger & surfed everyday on the North Shore of Oahu I always felt I was a part of nature. What ever adventure I did it was total immersion of feeling like one. Thanks Colette.

  • This first video was full of aha’s and lightbulbs.

  • Omg Collette. I’ve been stuck in a grown seed of confusion! I was beating myself up. Now I can look at this and love myself still🎁🙏❤️What a gift thank you thank you thank you.

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    Loving the way you are breaking down the Laws, helps me understand a little more of the connections and flow between them.

  • Robyn Boyle says:

    Oh wow!! I love learning about the Laws of the Universe… Looking forward to digging deeper with each of these 4 Laws.
    I too loved the example of the Spotify playlist…..Every now and then a pretty crappy song comes on…lol
    Thank you…. x

  • I love the example of the Spotify playlist and who’s tuning in…that was my ahhh moment!

  • Saturday was full of so many synchronicities, it was ridiculous(:, in a good way! And it started with me drawing my anchor card to stay in alignment with my highest good and getting “Exchanging Gifts” which talks about the aligning with Law of Giving and Receiving! I was paying attention and I loved every morsel of that day!, including my WOTO deck falling in the river and having to be spread out on the earth to dry, after I said “…Things have really been intense lately & I need to cleanse my deck….” and there was a baby praying mantis directly in front of me, on my path, just moments before! Thank you for teaching us thru the Laws, I so deeply appreciate it allowing us to synch up with our true selves!

  • The center of expectation was a great Ah-ha. Thanks for going into depth with many of the universal laws 🙂

  • Kathy Losic says:

    my Aha moment always feeling like I don’t belong, I am less than. Now I need a new thought process that I am good enough and not to take things to personnel

  • This is my third time through the course (3 times is the charm) and I must say all my daily card pulls have been pointing me to the Universal Laws so I have been anxiously await this module.

  • Using the example of an acorn is brilliant! That was my ‘Aha’! Especially in imagining how to grow and create my intentions! Thank you!

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