This video talks about how the Law of Thought moves into the Law of Frequency & Magnetism.  Stories-in-motion is moving energy, as are our thoughts. It points out that the Law of Magnetism is relative to the Law of Frequency, and is a fixed Law.  A reminder is given that collective conditioning sometimes overrides the individual. There is a group reading on how to stay in alignment and work with the Law of Frequency & Magnetism.  The cards pulled are Observer (P), Deep Knowing (P) and To Be Fair.

Law of Frequency & Magnatism

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Law of Frequency & Magnatism

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Laws of the Universe lesson progress
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  • This is probably the most important video I have watched. Looking at situations from the outside and finding my own neutrality would really help me in my life. This is where empathic abilities become so overwhelming with my community.

  • Tami Fisher says:

    I need to watch this a few times for this concept to sync in.

  • Dana Hauser says:

    Yes! – now I get why the group meditations are so much more intense and beautiful when we all are meditating together at the same time! Thank you so much Colette for helping us to understand these laws!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Colette I’ve been going through this whole scenario you described in this video. I’ve been wanting something so much that I can’t wait till it happens! I waited 2 months & 1 week before I broke my wrist. After I got rebalanced (?) again I couldn’t wait for this to happen. 4 days before it was cancelled! This time I really went out of balance. I could feel it inside me & the events going on over & over in the back of my mind. You have really helped me understand I’ve been attached to the outcome& still harboring feelings of anxiousness. I really need to relax with this & trust the conscious Universe. I may, no I trust, I am protected until the time is right.

  • Diana Davis says:

    This is a great video on the Law of thought. We are what we think. When our thought are negative it is referred at stinking thinking so therefor this creates a stinking day. I am all for the positive thinking because life is a bed of sweet smelling roses. Thank you so much for this lesson and now I can work with the magnetizem to create my miracles.

  • ah be consistent while taking this journey, Observe more, have less judgment, and relax. Genius – one of a better word for this teaching Bless you

  • Beautiful explanation of the Law of Frequency and Magnetism. Most times when I catch myself out of alignment I think of the meditation Get On Your Bird and all the negativity dissipates and I feel myself in alignment again.

  • Picking a card daily is vital if I truly desire to be my Authentic Self instead of the tribe telling who to be. Love the 3 card reading it’s finally coming together for me. Your a Genius

  • This is such a wonderful lesson and well explained Law. Thank you so much. More reasons to trust and when out of alignment, step back, no judgment, not pay attention to the trigger and get neutral. I opened those pearls of wisdom you’ve shared here and used them this morning already. And they worked!. Allowing my intuition (not intellect or instinct) to open up, trust my vibes with my Higher Power and surrender the day. It has made such a difference, expanding from a deep breath and feeling the ensuing relief. Funny, I started this lesson too late last night, went to bed and when I opened my computer it popped up where I left off. The Divine answer I was looking for. 🙂

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    Again this video lesson was brilliant. I love the way you have chosen the cards to illustrate how we could better work with this law. Recently I have forgotten this law now i will remember to take that breath, surrender and once again assume the observer position.

  • Nadine Moore says:

    Can’t make this shit up ! I too have been in a program called ACOA Adult children of alcoholics/ dysfunction. I started the steps right after I met Colette. HER & the ORACLE cards have been my guiding force! So may miracles and Synchronicity along the way! THANK YOU & SPIRIT!!!

  • Lillian Meng says:

    I like the awareness of what story I am telling in addition to my thought is part of my attraction. From now on instead of just trying to change my thought I will rewrite the story.

  • I loved the cause and effect of the Law of Magnetism and the Law of Frequency work based on the Law of Thought! It’s easier to process if I can look at it in this firm. (Not that I am have attachment to the form,). It’s just easier to follow.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I’m even getting why we do a daily card! aha!!!

  • Yes, this is what I needed to know! I have a baggage with me and I have struggled with my past and of course frozen in my head that this is my path but yet again there’s been miracle that keeps me curious to see what more there is in life for me!
    Thank goodness I have a happier person inside me who allows the good to enter my life 🙏
    This gives me the hope that’s needed to go forward with the WOTO as my personal guidance!
    So happy to have this course with you as my mentor and a tribe who’s is in the same place searching for inspiration and guidance for a happier life and to do good 💞

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