This video is about using the Law Of Forgiveness to free yourself from resentments trapping you in the past. It doesn’t condone any action on the offenders’ behalf, but rather points out that harboring resentments is like ‘drinking poison hoping the other person will die’. They key is knowing how to move past the dark energy and still maintain a sense of justice and peace within yourself.

Law of Forgiveness

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Law of Forgiveness

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Laws of the Universe lesson progress
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  • Can’t wait to sit and do a personal inventory. Really feeling that this is the missing piece for me! Thank you!

  • Thank you so very much! That is all I can say from my heart.

  • tammy engel says:

    recently i had an unexpected break from a bad, old story, and it’s weird now that it’s gone … like when you have a tooth pulled… i suppose eventually something else will take its place, but the void is noticable now.

  • Loved these: Resentment = re-feeling Forgiveness = unhooking from the energy of the story
    Release yourself from the burden of your past.

  • Unhook from the energy – bingo!

  • This video is brilliant- came to me in its perfect timing.. Thank you!

  • I never really got what Personal Inventory was all about until I heard “What is keeping you hostage.” Mystery solved! 🙂

  • Dedra Cooper says:

    Oh Boy…This one heart felt, hit home. I have some forgiveness to do! Loved the words get in tune more with higher self and the Oracle cards are my best friend. Thank you for the directions on how to achieve my freedom.

  • Diana Davis says:

    It has been hard for me to forgive different people in my life. It took me 50 years to forgive my mother and in the last year I had to realize my mother was suffering during the time I was a teenager that suffered her raging anger because she was abused. Now that I am older and I look back into the past of my life, I think it is time to let the past go. So I am committing myself to forgive and release those people of the past.

  • my new aha moment in this video is a new forgiveness towards others- first time I forgave my parents- as I have grown I know now its me that needs to release this as I keep reliving it thank you

  • An amazing module and well worthy of keeping in mind constantly. Powerful reminders. Had to draw upon inner realignment to asvoid being triggered

  • Alisa Walker says:

    I have been beating myself up for so long that I’ve lost faith in myself and have turned off the intuitive side. Forgiving myself and allowing the art of forgiveness to be a part of my life has been so hard. Asking myself the hard questions about what is motivating me feels like torture some days, but seeing this video has helped so much. I can not move forward knowing that this is not about the other person. It’s about knowing myself and believing in myself to not fall into the repetitive patterns of self destruction.

  • Kim Harders says:

    This video helped me tremendously. I can finally identify what and who I have been needing to forgive for a long time…..I can finally tell the story of my past as a matter of fact, instead of with the bitter resentment I had been holding on to for so long, it really is like taking off a backpack full of dead weight because I now feel so much lighter and free, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this lovely video with us.

  • Thank you Colette! here is where my story breaks toward transformation but I love the way you put it. You are so right, We keep moving into the drama of frozen stories in our mind and still pissed off because of them. I am going to break that crystal ceiling! thank you!

  • Ivi Brown says:

    Its amazing how much is stuffed down deep within oneself… even unbeknownst to them! Thank you for helping us find these weeds. Now just to work on how to let go of the resentments towards myself for letting the original resentments sit so long and sabotage so much. Lol! Aye. Well, its a work in progress!

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    This is an area that I have been working on for a few weeks now, and thanks to the lessons and the cards, it is all piecing together and my life is more profound everyday.

  • This video is exactly what I needed to hear… perfect

  • Terry HANNAH says:

    wow Colette, this one hits home for me. resentments on family, being pissed off at myself. thank you for this!

  • Sammi Strow says:

    Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to get sick! This resonated so true for me. I get so negative at times about other people. Thank you for pointing this out to me!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    Love the additional notes about the cards. I keep drawing these cards as well but love to have the deeper meaning that you offer as it means so much more to me. Love the glass ceiling.
    Happy I love renovation and design! Work ahead..

  • What felt like a charge from my soul was the statement: “I am more than what I think I am.” Conditioning can be a heavy chain, and I intend to release all that and discover what “more” I truly am.

  • Recognizing hardest person to forgive for where I am at is still ME…I know all this stuff but momentum of old story thought can be so strong

  • Wow! Ouch! Deep- somehow the way you explain things hits home- so love your metaphors – this has opened up a whole new world for me on forgiveness – many ah ha’s…..feeling overwhelmingly grateful for this course and your mentoring- it gives me so much hope and encouragement ! Gracias💐🦋

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    I have soooo much work to do xxx

  • Wow! My biggest obstacle to attraction is my thoughts I’m sending. I need to detach my conscious thoughts from the negativity I have to live in and work in and send out my positive thoughts of creativity and co-creating. I find it hard to just trust and I am the type that needs to take the lead, do it myself so it’s done the way I think is correct and I’m finding it a whole new world trying to let go. ( not entirely my fault -I’m and Aries with Leo rising and moon in Capricorn) . So this set of lessons is going to be a bit more challenging. Love a challenge ❤️❤️

  • Nancy Jensen says:

    Thankyou for this reminder… release release release…

  • WENDY Fuller says:

    I am writing down my intentions to release in the new moon. Nov 7th. I commit to releasing my resentments through forgiveness Journaling and Co creating with Spirit. Aha. Makes me smile in gratitude Thankyou. Loved this video

    • Love what you are doing Wendy. I think I will write that down too. We have a saying at my work. If it’s not in writing it doesn’t exist. That’s not true but it does reinforce I think. Ganging mine on my mirror!!! I love us in OS. We are awesome 😎

  • WENDY Fuller says:

    Aha😊. Prison to my own making. Hostage to my resentments Thankyou.

  • This hit home for me as well. Colette has mentioned being a people pleaser before, but now I really get it. I am one, too, and not even an empath! I realize now that my loneliness stems from not being able to have deep friendships because I’ve never been honest. Just being nice and supportive, but true friendship requires more. I look forward to the home play and discovering/releasing the root of the fear and insecurity.

  • Kathy Losic says:

    This video really hit home. I have been thinking about journaling about what I went through in my past but haven’t done it yet. Today is the day to start that story and finally let it go. Thank you Colette for the reminder. It is past time for me to do this and I know by writing this down I can forgive and open myself up for more A-Ha moments!

    • This lesson was a good one. The negative little conversations that we have with ourselves about others are counterproductive to moving forward. I read somewhere that the things we dislike about others are the things we dislike about ourselves.

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