This video highlights that within our Universe, everything is possible.  We’re limited by our beliefs and perception of the world. There’s a 3-card group reading where Fork in the Road (P), Blessed and Truth Be Told present to show us what might be preventing us from working fully with the Law of Unlimited Potential.  We’re reminded that we have to be honest with ourselves, be willing to move out of the way, trust in a Higher Power, and recognize that we’re in a relationship with the Laws and the Laws are in relationship to each other.

Law Of Unlimited Potential

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Law Of Unlimited Potential

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Laws of the Universe lesson progress
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  • So funny and so true: “Yes, that’s the ONE…the one that broke your heart.”

  • Ah ha ! Analyses paralysis, fear of making a mistake ! So resonates with me, I’ve been pondering a post I made in chalice house, asking for help and working with a mentor. And here’s the answer whoo hoo.I’ve been afraid of doing the”wrong thing” so feel I can’t move, but I can : ) Thank you 🥰

  • NANCI Stone says:

    Thank you for explaining the difference between Natural Limitations and Conditioned Limitation. Everything that you taught this lesson is has been my belief. Thanks for the validation.

  • Alicia Ford says:

    This week my Spiritual eyes began to see clearer how moving forward can be slowed down when I am connecting and creating in unhealthy ways ( through my thoughts and even being in the company of someone that is depleting my energy). I am finding it is actually very painful to keep repeating.

  • Build that bridge Let go of the past conditions, the one that does not serve me well and move! I was born Blessed trust this.

  • Reina Ortega says:

    Ah-ha. Because my eldest was born out of wedlock, the catholic church wouldn’t baptize him. I was told he was born out of sin. Until now, I didn’t realize it affected me personally. Everyone that’s needed forgiveness in my life rec’d it. And now I forgive the Catholic Church.

  • As I was watching this video, I was shuffling my cards thinking about the Law of Potential watching your questions when Truth be Told jumped out in Protection mode! I realize I self edit (keeping the information Spirtit shares with me)to myself a lot as a survival habit. I’ve pulled other cards this week that focus on my Authentic Self being expressed. Very clear message from Spirit to BE TRUE TO ME and clear in my communication and let my Spirit Expression be channeled. I’ve other Spirit gifts that are becoming stronger as I go through this course and realize all of my gifts are getting stronger and to not set them aside after I glance at the Spirit nudge or obvious message. I need to be open completely and as I am blossoming, I feel happier, freer and off the crazy train that I was taught to be a part of. Thank you Colette for your words of wisdom they are teaching me how to be free and view previous trigger situations as “that’s interesting” instead of from Reticular Activating brain response. The more my neuropathways change, the more I say “that’s interesting” the more I feel self love and understanding for my life experiences that I had felt guilt, shame, embarrassment and unworthy about.

  • Amy Sward says:

    Wow! So cool! These 3 cards were brought to my attention this morning as I was preparing my cards. Lol. I shuffled & picked other cards which were answers to what thoughts I’ve been having lately but the Divine Spirit is telling me that I have to forgive myself, let go of some things & had a good cry. Feeling better, thankful, loved & in awe. 😉😊

  • #Pearl You are always signing to us!!!!! <3

  • Wow! This was in point for me! I pulled Chop Wood in protection this morning. Every point you made and the cards you pulled aligned with the message from my card! I have to just “do it” and not think and talk about what I want to do next. Thank you – the cards don’t lie and you can’t make this stuff up!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    Once again it surprises me how I have chosen these cards in my own 3 card reading readings.
    Umm, I guess the universe is really trying to get my attention. Can’t wait for the homeplay.

  • You were a cledon for me today. The card-pull illustration in the video piggybacked on the message the cards have given me the last two days. I pay attention to these repeating messages and work a little harder to completely incorporate the lesson. Well, as much as I can incorporate at this time. I trust it will appear again when I can go even deeper into the message.

  • Arm chair astronaut! Love that. My favorite video so far. I feel called to something unclear right now and eager to have the clarity Colette mentioned she now has…I may be rejecting the 1 thing that will make me most happy and have also held faithful to something that eludes me for 6 yrs actually

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