This video discusses how our thinking is reflected in the outer world.  The Reticular Activating System, which is always looking for evidence of the familiar, is highlighted.  There is a demonstration using 3-cards focused on what we need to know about the Law of Thought. The three cards are Mending, Tick Tock (P), and Treasure Island (P).

Law Of Thought

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Law Of Thought

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Laws of the Universe lesson progress
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  • I needed this reminder! Thank you Colette for setting up this amazing Oracle School. It’s still the best thing ever!!

  • tammy engel says:

    ‘it can’t get past me…” thank you for the timely reminder! xo tammy e

  • I loved this: “Everything I’ve let go of in my life has my claw marks all over it.” 🤩

  • This explains so much, including my recent experience on a road trip with my husband. We were in the same car going through the same towns, but it was like we were in two different places.He had suggested that I was not paying attention. This makes total sense now. TY

  • On the 2nd time through I connected the Law of Thought with the 1st Agreement of “Be impeccable with your word”. No wonder the Law of Thought is the 1st law. The inner words, or thoughts, are the tricky ones.

  • Wow! I love the concept of vacuuming your head!!! It is such a great image! What I focus on is what I manifest.

  • Kathryn Buys says:

    I have experienced a miracle that happened yesterday and I Know that it correlates to a shift in my own thinking allowing me to see something I must’ve missed before. I really started to release thoughts of right and wrong and focused on the beauty of unity coming through the fact that me and this other person were experiencing the same thing with each other. That seemed to open up a portal to a true miracle! The potentiality of the universe really is within me.

  • Lilly Velez says:

    The timing is so perfect….. I just finished this video two and is exactly what I needed to hear!!!. I have come to the realization with the help of WOTO, that I am sabotaging myself. I know I have so much potential and yet I am playing small. I pulled same card on one of my daily cards

  • AHA Clear my head, change the radio station play happy music (thoughts) Love this video- get rid of the cold this is clear as mud lol

  • Love this video. I keep getting the imagine card upright which is a reminder for me to be conscious and clear of my thoughts. There is a lot of power there.

  • This video was fabulous and could relate to the Law of Thoughts. I really believe that miracles can happen. TY

  • This is my most favourite video thus far, as it really helps to know that it’s not my timetable and that what’s meant for me will not go past me 😊😉thank you Colette ❤️

  • I really like the thought what is mine will not go pass me. Just think thoughts how nice it will be to experience what am asking for . What does that feel like. Relax more and just flow more which is challenging at times.

  • Alisa Walker says:

    When watching the reading for this week, Colette said remember “when they go low, we go high” quoting Michelle Obama’s phrase and today it really really came in handy. I also have been chanting “what is for me will not go past me”. I’ve been meditating that phrase as I sit with my crystals. Today, I was challenged by something someone did to me. And though they were right it was the delivery that was awful and condescending. I made the decision to chant these two phrases and every time I said it I felt significantly better. I am learning to trust in myself that all will be well and the Conscious Universe really does have my back.

  • This video resonated with me huge. I need to learn how to shut the chatter off in my head. It’s not so easy to do. Even when I meditate I am constantly trying not to listen to my thoughts. I really need to learn how to get my thoughts in alignment for my highest good. This was a great video.🙏

  • Autumn Reed says:

    I’ve caught myself out of alignment. I’m glad to have seen this even if later.

  • Law of thought is a powerful instrument.Thank you for this video to remind me to keep the head thoughts clean to be able move forward. Great description!

  • I am loving THIS part of the course. Nerding out to the confluence of science and woo is totally my jam! Thank you!

  • I made a conscious effort to stay in Observer mode when spending time – more time that I was prepared for – with someone who’s energy drains me. Every time I felt myself slipping back into old thought I said Observer to myself and it helped shift me back to where I wanted to be. The next day it felt like any and every situation that I had lingering resentment or guilt about popped into my head. I acknowledged them for the lesson and looked at what I gained from the situation. Then I rewatched this video, gave me a sense of relief. They way these videos are presented helps me understand the content. Thank you

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    I love the interpretations that Colette gives deepening the experience with the cards she chooses. I pulled Mending the other day, read the message but today after this video, I have an even better and more visual appreciation of this card. Yeah!

  • I pulled Treasure Island yesterday and today, I didn’t feel the vibe and I was wonderind what it means. When Colette said I pulled 3cards for us I thought that I some how know that my ac card would be there too. The clarification came and I now see how universe is pointing me that I need to work with this law and my thoughts. Love this synchronity 🤭 the guidence is so strong! Wow..

  • This was a perfect reminder…thank you once again 🙂

  • Loved you mentioned to never limit your imagination. It reminds me of an exercise in improv class called “Yes, and.” I appreciate reminding us that fear is natural and just a way to get our attention to refocus our thoughts.

  • I love the science behind the laws. This makes it easier for me to understand and process.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I love how things I have learned in the past are coming to light in a whole new way! It takes a whole new meaning & perspective when taught with conscious universe, we are one & the Oracle cards. I always notice when my husband & I are driving around town how many places he spots & points out “oh look they went out of business!” almost gleefully.(RAS) I always see “oh boy look a new place! or I wonder what great thing will be put in there? or maybe they moved to a different location.” Sometimes it’s a challenge to be disciplined when all your bubbles keep getting popped. But this course & this module are reminding me of my true core beliefs & I am getting back in the flow again. No body & no one can take this from me ever again. Yeah for OS!!!!

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    The three cards that I pulled were Why, A Change in Wind, & Here & Now (H&N in protection). I get from this that: I must know my Why, keep my intentions clear, to see my magnet for miracles. I should be aware of the Change in Wind & remember even storms serve to clear the air, scatter the seeds, and nourish. I must remember to be in the Here & Now, come back to the moment, past & future will not show me my potential to create miracles. I will watch this video a few more times, great insight

  • I’ve never heard this explained this way and it is fabulous! Lightbulbs and visions going off everywhere 😘😊🙏

  • The three cards that you just pulled were the same cards I pulled out through out my week, to the point of tick tock being in protection…crazy………lol

  • This morning’s card was Mending (P). Thanks for helping me to understand it better!!

    Tick tock (P) was card for Q4 Becoming…now understand that much better too!!

    I do virtual earth work with a group regularly. Had our 42nd session yesterday. NO ONE has ever brought up universal laws in the group in the context of the work, but it was a big topic yesterday!!!

    So all of this is to say thanks for proving I am in alignment with this work, as I was thinking I wasn’t…. 🙂

  • “Anything I’ve ever let go of has my claw marks all over it!”, hilariously true! I’ve really worked on & made a conscious effort these last few years to become a surrender, go with the flow kind of lady who stays in constant alignment with the truth and therefore the experience of, Spirit is always conspiring on my behalf, for my benefit, & all is for my highest good no matter what its outer appearance may be at the moment. OR as Collette says,” I am always divinely guided and provided, divinely directed and protected” which really put me on this path of surrender and allowing Spirit to take the lead, when I synchronistically became aware of Colette and her work just a few years ago. There was a book on my shelf which I didn’t buy & didn’t know how it got there, that I tried to mail off to a girlfriend after I opened to a section discussing an almost eirily similar situation she was in. She never got the book, even thou it was the correct address and it came back to me. It was Remembering the Future by Colette Baron-Reid! still don’t know to this day how that book got on my shelf, but I am eternally greatful it came back to me and I say it as a sign to investigate further! Am I over sharing? haha

  • Diana Haney says:

    I thought it was awesome to realize I need to train my mind to look for miracles. This lesson also reinforces the fact that Spirit gives us what is for our higher good. I have been feeling out of alignment these past few days so this lesson helped me understand that it’s okay and part of human nature. It was a very positive lesson and eases my fears of being scattered at times and the fear of “making a mistake”. Blessings!

  • If it’s not for us, it will pass by us. This Thought just came in for me (Its this or something better) I love going deep and the science behind it all. Thanks Colette

  • I love the part about claw marks on things you didn’t want to let go of, lol…I can see images with the claw marks that are in need of release! I feel excited after this video! It’s like a breath of fresh air just came into the window! Thank you for your kind way of teaching, it’s good to know how it feels to be with a loving teacher…hugs 😊

  • I love this and it confirms my intent to be always, all ways miracle-minded. Thank you for teaching this wonderful course, Colette.

  • Ivi Brown says:

    Thanks! I am certain that I will be more aware of when I am attached to fomo and with this lesosn, I feel it has helped me to take back control of this fear and realign to trust Spirit! I am going to ask the questions for myself now for more insight.

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