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Lesson: Laws Of The Universe

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  • Beautiful meditation. Thank you.

  • I love this meditation. I was surprised at the people who came forth to forgive and it was so freeing to release cords. Thank you.

  • Thank you for the meditation, I think I will need to work on this, it was a touch difficult cutting the rope with your loved ones that hurt me. that’s interesting!

  • Collette, I have been a student of Spiritual Growth for a long time. You and OS have taken me to a level of self correct beyond everything else. Your unique personality and presentation have offered me a cocoon to safely see myself and dare to be all I have desired. Thank you with all my heart. My migraines are diminishing by the week. A miracle in itself.

  • Vicki Albin says:

    My reading with the subject and each law was gentle and right on. And may I say the meditation was so great!!! Thanks!

  • Thankful for tools to break free of old stories, accept a healthy relationship with my HP. O.S. ROCKS.

  • Julie Sutton says:

    A lot of epiphanies coming up from the Forgiveness meditation especially after the live calls. The live calls have been great. In one of the calls they mentioned the base of resentments were due to crossing our boundaries.
    ..that was helpful. The discussions Also picking up a lot of guidance from the discussions that may not be clear in the moment but reveals why it’s important to me when I’m doing the readings and listening to the meditations. Grateful for the opportunity to be in this course.

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    Just worked on the Homeplay lesson, quite amazing how the cards had me really think about the answer to the questions. Definitely is a learning curve with using WOTO. Really looking at my thoughts, that I was unaware that I was actually thinking them. aahh

  • Through the several weeks of working on the different modules, looking at the daily cards I have noticed some of the walls I have that I was oblivious too….many of those walls are resentments that are in my way of manifesting my dreams. Working though this module is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do (and I went to Nursing School while working full time.) I’m thankful for the people in my life, my animals and everyone here at Oracle School for helping me through this.

  • It’s difficult to find the words to express how deeply this module resonates with my current state and self-limitations. It was both a powerful and painful admitting to myself that the resentments I have clung to so passionately have only hurt ME and are hindering my progress and spiritual growth. Thank you Colette for sharing this in a way that finally made complete and total sense to me. <3

  • Noreen N says:

    Module 4 is the best module – amazing! Love it – Thank you 🙂

  • Colette, your Oracle cards for me are like sign language for the “Spiritually Death”. Not that I consider myself Spiritually Death, but it takes time to set up a language with spirit, the images that mean something to you, so Spirit can use those particular images to communicate with you, and your Oracle images/meanings can assist in not having to recreate that “wheel”. Thank you – Leslie Ferguson-Packard, Fixit Farm Maine

  • This module really brought home the understanding about interconnection and interplay between the laws and my relationship to them. They were really profound yet simple explanations – the weeds, the Spotify list, and how we are also impacted by the culture and family or world energies too unless we make a conscious decision to unhook ourselves. This is a module I’ll listen to over and over again.

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