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  • Robyn Ridley says:

    You are amazing, sharing things in a way that they are so explanatory and usable. Thank you

  • I love the way you explain things. It really makes things click for me!

  • I absolutely fell in love with the explanation Colette gave for the Flow Spread compared to the Past, Present and Future. The Flow makes me feel loved and guided with no judgement, also not being fearful of my spread. Plus I am not trying to use my head to put things together. The Flow I can see makes such a beautiful story for me to use during my day. And to give me a safe place to go to and realign if I get off track during my day. So much fun and gentle understandings for me to use and play with in the Flow. Thank you!

  • So far, I am really appreciating the anchor card information. I had never heard of it before, and it has really helped me come to terms with the card I draw each day. Thank you so much!

  • Ok, I understand that you don’t want to use the spread of past, present, and future. Its better to use the flow spread. I can read each card from the book but do not understand how you interpreter the flow. I do not pick up on the difference that you talk about.

  • I am loving these videos. Thank you for providing such well thought out and presented explanations.

  • Kathy Boesen says:

    Hi! I am having a problem with the sound. Can you help? Thanks

  • Colette, I just love the way you explain things….It’s very interesting , how to look at cards, how to interpret them.

  • ELISE PRUCHA says:

    interesting way to view cards

  • Paula Gregg says:

    Confusing: protection message of “To The Sea” seems opposite of moving rapidly but rather is about being blocked temporarily, the tide is out, wait it out, it will come again, when tide is out, fisherman fix their nets, and abundance will come. Seems time of the ebb rather than rapid flow and letting us know that’s okay and part of process, so just confusing as seems different than traveling down the rapids and being in for a bumpy ride. Have to tolerate confusion for now, which fits with the ebb instead of the flow, so fits the reading maybe.

  • Love the flow spread, it will take some practice and patience but I am excited to start using this spread.

  • Stacy Ryan says:

    Lots of information here! Being new to Oracle Cards, I’m hoping this will be covered more in Personal Mastery…I feel a little lost.

  • I found the flow reading opened things up a lot and i could more easily make sense of the reading after watching the examples.

  • Martha Sykes says:

    Wow, doing a 3 card spread with the intention of flow, not past-present-future, was one of the big missing pieces in my card reading! It feels so much better reading the cards as part an on-going, co-creative story. Along with the anchor card insights this gives me so much more confidence in doing readings for myself and others ❤️🌻❤️

  • Your teaching me that how I’ve been reading my oracles is correct, I was doubting but you also are teaching me stuff I never thought about too…not only have I been drawn to her cards for awhile…but also my spirit guides pointed me in her direction for a reason’s time to go to the next level of my journey and she is the one to help me…thank you🥰

  • This is amazing, Colette! I quite naturally read cards as a story and have never quite resonated with the “past, present, future” spread. 🙂

  • Love the reminders, powerful than you 💝

  • Judith Huber says:

    This gave me new insight and clarity why often felt insecure and settled and even worried after doing past present and future readings. The flow reading in contrast delivers inspired guidance on how to manifest what’s aligned with your highest good. I feel it’s like getting amazing advice from the universe in a softer voice yet stronger that will help divinely guide you to where you want to go 😊❤️

  • Like history, it not important to know just date (the boxes)s; you need to see how one event flows into the other and so on and so on (the flow). Great way to see the truth of your story in motion.

  • The Flow Spread speaks to me more powerfully than the past-present-future. I’ve always felt the “flow spread” as my natural interpretation of cards, yet didn’t know how to put the complexities of the relationship of the cards into words, nor how to ask the best question for the intention!! Thank you for using many phrases to help explain the concepts. 🙂

  • I think I’m a fan of the flow spread as well⭐️So fascinating !

  • The information is sinking in!

  • I am beginning to understand how the realationship between cards works. This made sense and made the reading more understandable.

  • Cheryl Root says:

    This totally made sense to me. Looking forward to this new adventure ♥️

  • Fantastic 🔮

  • Flow spread resonates with me, as well. The story in motion is more specific to our manifestations. It makes you really consider what we are manifestations and what are our intentions.

  • Past Present Future seems solidified, set in stone so to speak. The Anchor Action Potential seem fluid, ease, higher vantage point. Love this!

  • Jackie Edra says:

    OMGoddess!!! Past-Present-Future=Limits me VS Anchor+Action+Potential=Empowers me. Awesome sauce!

  • Robyn Boyle says:

    This is the 2nd time I have watched this training about 3 card spread. I truly feel that the flow spread resonates the most with me. A story in flow with inspired action which creates a potential outcome <3

  • Cinda Helmin says:

    Love the flow spread as well! What a difference it makes 🙏

  • Tara Kochie says:

    I really enjoyed learning the Flow Spread. I like how you are working with real time energy. My cards came today, a day early. Cleansed, smudged and ready to go!

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    Love the the Flow concept, I feel the reading is more influential. TY

  • I love the way the Flow works, tying all the positions of the cards together!! Staying in alignment with the Highest Good….moving toward your potential!

  • WOW! I have been using cards for a long time but this is the first time I think I have ever gotten so much out of a reading for myself! The explanation of how the 3 cards relate to one another is fabulous! I am so excited for more!

  • as I was watching this video I was wishing that I had my oracle cards which were scheduled for delivery tomorrow. on a “whim” I checked the B&N website and saw that they were out for delivery today. drove out to my mailbox just as our mail lady drove up in here truck with my cards. how cool is that!

  • I did a flow reading for my boyfriend. It was amazing. He has just sold his business and is struggling to find his purpose. I pulled “orphaned” as the anchor, “blessed,” as the second card, and “yang” in protection. He has been feeling lost and looking for a potential new business. He has been very blessed with where he is so far. He had some thoughts about jumping into something new in a hurry, and yang in protection actually said for him to take his time and be more thoughtful. It was great.

  • I love this video! My two readings based on how she had us ask the questions were so beautiful! I am loving the flow readings and how asking the “right” questions makes the reading so clear!

  • Ivi Brown says:

    OMG, this feels so natural for me, I’m so excited but really nervous at the same time! I’m looking forward to this, just trying to come to grips with the fact that I can trust myself and my connection to Spirit! Namaste, Love and Light

  • the flow is my fav spread now. i love the way it connects thought/heart/body into an experience.

  • By far the BEST workshop! I watched it live while shopping on my phone. Glad I joined to see it here. There is SO much wisdom in your explanation of the flow reading. I feel like I need to watch that section maybe 10 times to get it to sink in. I do 3 card spreads to compliment the weekly YouTube readings and I understand this week’s personal prescription better now having watched this webinar recording.

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