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  • I have gone all over trying to find the PDF as well. Yet it seems to elude me of where i can find the pdf files.

  • I can’t seem to find the PDF anywhere, does anyone know where to access it?

  • Such pitty I don’t have the cards yet…….but they are one the way , that I know now. I’ll stay optimistic and breath.

  • Where do we get the pdf?

  • Paula Gregg says:

    what question are we supposed to ask, or what thought when picking daily card? Just “what is my daily card today? ” it would be nice to have a specific question, “what do I need to know about today?” ” or what is my current situation?”

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    I now understand the Anchor Card on a whole new level, even as it applies in the Tarot. I know the past that I have come from, and where I am now. I am meant to be here. It all fits together just like a patchwork quilt.

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    The One Card I picked for today (Poised) is so accurate! I am ready to step into my power. I marked this video as “complete” however, it is not recognizing it on the website.

  • JULI COROLLO says:

    I got “New Life” in the protection position for the first anchor card, ever. My deck said “HI NEWBIE” with a wink. I feel like we’re going to have a good relationship together. <3

  • Stacy Ryan says:

    I definitely want the PDF! I looked for (but didn’t see) a ‘resources’ section anywhere.

  • ha! i had just picked a card (before you did on the video – i got BREATHE to! i burst ouit lauighing… oh i am so loving all this already… xo )

  • Hello. How do we access the PDF?

  • Kathy Coy says:

    Wondering how we can access the PDFs. Thank You.

  • Loved the idea of warming up by drawing a daily card. The intention today was just to be grateful and open with no particular question in mind; Just, what is in my highest good to know today. Serendipity #14; You’ve stepped into alignment with the greater good where your dreams and the collective dream resonate with exquisite harmony.

  • I found the word ‘Epiphany’ in my mother’s Bible and carry it with me everywhere. When I asked about how this course would help me, I picked the card ‘Breathe’.

  • Did the week of drawing one card in reference to taking this class. The sequence was very revealing and definitely told a story about the path this is taking me on. Change in the Wind, Observer,A leg up, Deep Knowing, Never Ending Story, Clean it up and last but not least “Milk and Honey”. Oh yeah!

  • Good morning! So excited and ready to co-create and move out from the sidelines or observer mode. Of course this morning’s card: Come to the edge! Synchronicity on multiple aspects. Love it!

  • Emm Millar says:

    Good morning . I got up early this morning and did a meditation , shuffled my cards as shown last night and cleared my head ..in my Meditation , you had to repeat ..”I am not my Mind, I am the silent observer of all my thought and Emotions ” ..thought it was pretty good . I picked …Yang , in protection ..so I was a little surprised as I don’t see my self as aggressive or over confident but I am looking at it from the 360 degree ,past through to future and I have to admit I am very impulsive and have made some bad decisions this way …Lets see how this card influences my day ..hope I’m posting this in the right place 🙂 …

  • I love the anchor card exercise.

  • I have had the Wisdom cards, so I bought the post cards, the map cards, and the spirit animal cards…Im feeling so drawn to the cards….thank you for this opportunity, I’ve been going through major transformation, professionally and personally. They are beautiful! As Im starting and doing this video with you, my very first card to draw with the deck, Is the Here and Now…;-)

  • I got my cards today too. It’s like getting an early Christmas gift!

  • I get my cards today, curious and excited to see which card I pick!!

  • Robyn Boyle says:

    Oooh! I love to journal! I am so excited for week 1!

  • I’m going to this, this week, before moving forward.

  • My second year taking Personal Mastery and I am super excited. I just loved Colette and the magic 🙂

  • I’m already absolutely loving the videos and the cards!! I can feel the shift happening…AMAZING!!💜

  • Sorry I submitted a question:( don’t know where the house is either..😭

  • She mentioned a pdf? That would have questions for the Anchor cards. Where do we get that?

  • I just did my first daily single card for the day reading today and it felt so bang on I laughed. I got Flexible in protection. It felt so incredibly relevent not just for today, but probably a dominant concern in my life. I guess the fact that I laughed when I saw this card was the Universe having a laugh with me. I’ve realized that the stresses of life have made me rigid and this card was a reminder that if I change my vantage point from needing to be right or needing to be in control, to one of flexibility, understanding and listening and taking a more considered approach that my life will become more lighthearted and peaceful. The more unhappy I’ve been the more rigid Ive become to try to control everything and those closest to me. Funny enough the more Ive tried to be in control the more out of control and unhappy my life is!!! AHA!!! First card in and already one huge epiphany. Thank you Colette!💖

    • Ivi Brown says:

      I don’t have my oracle cards yet, but I pulled one of my tarot cards. WOW! I got the Star Card. My plans are showing promise and success with within my grasp! Hope for the future. Sign of good time ahead! Thank you for your guidance. I prefer to use my Oracle cards, but I want to participate and they just aren’t here yet.

  • Kathryn Davy says:

    Learnt so much about the importance of anchor cards in these lesson examples 👌✨

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    I find it overwhelming having a daily Anchor card makes me feel in touch with Spirit and Aha moments are regular thru the day xxx

  • Great daily practice. I’ve been picking 1 card daily since webinar 101 and get a bit overwhelmed with that and the weekly YouTube readings with my personal 3 cards after. Feels like all I’m doing is analyzing my cards LOL. Open to ideas. When it was recommended to see if the daily cards weave a story (and then a do a 3 card spread also for the week) it feels like a lot. Again, open to ideas to simplify or if maybe it just gets easier.

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