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  • Masako Nagai says:

    I’m back, too, and surprised to find like-mind students here.

  • Got lost and now walking through Oracle School door for new start. Thanks for keeping me on track with your messages. So grateful.

  • excited to be back and intent to have fun and learn from everyone and do more content than I did last year !

  • I am extremely excited to be here and learn everything that I can!!!

  • Yay I am excited!!!!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    This is such a safe, respective and fun learning environment. That is why I came back this year. Thank you Colette, Doug and Anna

  • Diana Davis says:

    Thank you. I’m so excited to learn all of this.

  • Kate Rose says:

    Thank-you Colette for reminding us to keep in the beginner mind and be open to all the magic! As a returning student it is so important to look at these lessons as a fresh start and open mind! Excited to be here again! Grateful for the opportunity!

  • Lilly Velez says:

    This my first time, I am very new at oracle card reading. I have been watching Colette for almost a year. I am so excited and curious.

  • Jenny Adams says:

    My first time thru this class. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time.. I’ve always been drawn to the cards so I’m ecstatic to actually learn how to use them and to watch myself grow and evolve 😉

  • Excited to be here! My first time through.

  • My first time. Very excited to be here!!!!

  • It’s my first time and so thrilled to be able to join.

  • Lynn Priest says:

    It’s my second time around and I’m so excited, thankful and blessed to be here! I can’t wait to see what magic the universe has in store for us!

  • I’m thrilled to be here also – third time. And yes, it feels as magical (or more) than the first time. Ready to jump in and learn, co-create, play and enjoy the time here with everyone!

  • Susan Cruz says:

    Looking forward to new meanings and great reactions for me. My second time around.

  • Do I need to purchase the oracle card deck, or will you send out complementary for signing up?

  • what time are classes or is it go at your own pace

  • So glad to be back for the 3rd time! Woohoo!

  • Another beautiful day with much learning to do. Thank you to everyone!! Stephanie

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I’m so happy to be back! It all seems brand new!

  • Another layer of the onion. Third times a charms. Different ears and different person. So looking forward to a new perspective.

  • Second time’s a charm! Love co-creating. My life has changed, but now I’m anxious to evolve.

  • I’m very happy and grateful to be part of this course 🙏❤️🤗. Let the magic begin !!!

  • Tara Kochie says:

    I am looking forward to learning and growing some more. Closer and closer to the edge !!

  • Lisa Hard says:

    I’ve just received my WOTO cards and can’t wait to get started and be part of something so magical and meet like minded friends.

  • Donna Fenton says:

    I’m so excited and can’t wait for what I’m going to learn in this class and about myself.

  • Looking forward to starting class and getting in deep, I’m ready and willing. 😃

  • So happy to be here and looking forward to meeting wonderful people and learning so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Glad to be here!!!

  • Super excited to be here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Peggy Molloy says:

    I have only been doing this for two days now and have already pulled Happy, Happy twice!! I can’t wait to get my deck and actually get my hands on the cards!

  • I am very exited!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  • Marg Nicoll says:

    This all sounds very exciting.

  • I am very excited to give this a whirl and learn from all of you!

  • ELISE PRUCHA says:

    i just have so many !! when u work with universe and just let go and know what u want to achieve will happen etc it just does i’ve had it happen so many times if u listen to the messages u receive along the way !!

  • Excited to be here…again! 😉 my first time through personal mastery last fall I really just kept to myself and worked through the course, but this year I am so excited to become a more active part of the community! Looking forward to this journey with you all!

  • Joan Moran says:

    Hi, everyone, I’m just consciously “stepping into my power” and intend to use this course to grow and learn. And to learn how to “hear” spirit (through the cards) and make better decisions for my life.

  • Ben Tsoi says:

    So excited to start!

  • Hiiiiiii! I am excited do ready to begin this process!

  • Drea Besch says:

    Hi, everyone! This course arrived at the precise moment I’m looking at a massive relocation. I’m excited and terrified and trust this is the exact support I need at this critical moment. Thank you, Colette!

  • I feel so light and proud to be part of your school Colette ! Glad to be part of this community too !

  • Debra Frye says:

    How wonderful to be a part of the Oracle School Family! So excited to learn and grow with everyone! Let’s do this! Wishing you all Abundant Joy!

  • I always treat Sept. 1st like New Years ~ kind of a lick off for the fresh fall season ~ what better way than to join Oracle School, yessss!

  • tammy engel says:

    Hi y’all from tammy e … for the past year i’ve been trying to figure out how to get back in touch with “me” … can’t wait to share this road with you!

  • Debra DeMers says:

    So excited to begin this new journey. How awesome to have people from all over the world joining together. 🤗

    • I am looking forward to new breakthroughs in my life and deepening my understanding of working with Oracle cards. I love, love, love the animal spirit card deck! 😍

  • Before before enrolling tonight I asked the universe for guidance. The card I drew was POISED. What a perfectly clear message. Thank you!

  • Before enrolling tonight I asked the universe for guidance and the card I drew was POISED. What a perfect message. Thank you!

  • I did it! I am a new member of Oracle School!!

    • ELISE PRUCHA says:

      i just have so many !! when u work with universe and just let go and know what u want to achieve will happen etc it just does i’ve had it happen so many times if u listen to the messages u receive along the way !!

  • Pamela Wales says:

    Hello, fellow travellers and tribe… I am embracing Oracle School once again and am very excited to go deeper with the Divine Spirit of WOTO, and mix in a little astrology this time around…. See you in Class. 😉

    • Gail Driemel says:

      Hello all, I am really excited to be part of this amazing journey. I also have the Wisdom deck but used it for the first time today. Was not totally sure if I should wait until next year or not but received clarity with my cards; Soulmate, A change in the wind and The Tribe!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏❤️

  • I am excited to experience Oracle school once again and look forward to meeting everyone here.

  • Pamela Greff says:

    I purchased the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and love them. I can not wait to learn more.

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    I just ordered the new Crystal Oracle Deck, as I already have the Wisdom of the Oracle deck. Really looking forward to this journey.

  • Excited to be here. Going through my deck and so love the feel of them. This is going to be awesome

  • Yay! Just signed up!

  • Kate Wombell says:

    I have just signed up too. Collette mentioned some videos to watch. An someone pl send me a link or tell me where to get them? Thanks v much

    • Cheryl Leite says:

      You have to read the email Colette sent out. Her first instructions are in that email as to how to access the videos she is speaking about.

  • JULI COROLLO says:

    Just ordered my deck, I feel giddy! Excited to be here. <3

  • Charles Pack says:

    I was contemplating joining all these past days since watching the three videos on how to use the cards. Then two days ago I was walking thru the yard when a huge dragonfly came flying toward me and landed right on my pant leg, I stopped and looked at it and it flew off. I wondered what that message was and just now remembered Colette talking about her dragonfly sign when she was buying a house I think. I’m sure it was the Spirit giving me the nod to move forward into Oracle School. Very Blessed to be here.

  • Lila Reed says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Lila from Denham Springs, Louisiana, right outside of of Baton Rouge. I’m really excited too and look forward to meeting y’all and learning better to communicate with Spirit through Oracle cards. I have began to meditate and use the LOA which has been awesome for me!! It will be even better with clearer communication with Spirit!! I can’t wait!! (LOA/Law of Attraction)

    • Reina Ortega says:

      Ha, I was so glad you typed out the meaning for the abbreviation LOA. I was thinking there was something taught that I’d already missed.
      Really excited for this course. I’m finally in a place in my life where I can learn and practice one of my hearts desires. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 💕

  • Good morning everyone. I’m Teresa from Ohio, but everyone calls me Terry (a Nick name I have gone by since childhood). I’m excited to learn while finding out my true purpose.

  • Hi Everyone, I’m very excited to be her with you all and start learning – I’m joining from Sydney in Australia, so you might see my comments at some strange times 🙂

  • Ive been using Wisdom of the Oracle app for years and didn’t know until recently that it’s the same deck we’ll be using in school. Now I’m really excited to start!

  • Hi y’all! Glad to be here. Excited and nervous. Good nervous lol. Can’t wait to start.

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    I am very excited to be registered in Oracle School. I was inspired by this course, with respect to developing “Me” personally. I do have the Wisdom Oracle Cards and Mystical Shaman Cards, so I will use the credit to purchase one of the other decks that I don’t have. Very excited to get started on this journey.

  • I am excited to be in Oracle school. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I am so excited to be here!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Debbie Baker says:

    Practical Magic! Open to and counting on it!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • I am looking forward to going through Oracle School again because I know I am not the same person I was before. This Oracle School is extra special because I will be taking this course with someone that I referred who is a patient and friend. Thank you!!!

  • Happy to start all over again 🙏🙏🙏

  • Lisa Hard says:

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it 🙏 I’ve been following Colette for a few years and didn’t think I’d ever be able to join Oracle School, yet here I am. Divine timing is at play. I can’t wait

    • Reina Ortega says:

      Hi Lisa. I was reading your comment. I recently became aware of Colette (w/in the last six months maybe) and was so drawn to her energy. I too am real excited. The “time” on your post is 4:44. Just wondering if you have those numbers show up a lot. Mine is 3:33 since I was a kid.☺️

  • whoa I’m excited to see which house I’m sorted into – wonder if they use a hat! lol and can’t wait to see who my mentor is! 🙂

  • Feeling happy to have taken my first step through the gate to Oracle School

  • I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to sign up for this course.

  • A grasshopper jumped on me yesterday, and Colette’s “Spirit Animal Oracle” confirmed I need to take a leap of faith and jump in, so here I am!

  • WENDY Fuller says:

    So excited to have the opportunity for this retake. Thankyou. Better luck this time !!

  • Eva Pascual says:

    “Yes”..”Of course”..I am so “Happy”..It..still seems to me a little Unreal..The Universe..has facilitated me..this Oportunity..in a way..So Powerfull..and Real..(because it looked to me so imposible to reach ) and at the same..time..Gradually..Invading..my Whole Persona with this “Thrill”..of been tapping..into a “Magical Place”..I kept..asociating..this..experience..
    ..with the School of “Wizards”..in the..Harry Potter’s..movie..while..I was listening..to Colette’s Welcoming…This thrill..I guess says it all for me right now..I keep feeling..that sensation..in the back of my head..and neck..(that every body discribes..like hairs standing up in the back of the head).. ..I’m so incredibly..”Thrill and Happy”…I think..this is my “Major Dream”..after..wanting to be a classic Ballerina..after wanting to be..a Psychologist..after wanting to be..the most spiritual Nun..after having Dreamed a happy co-creative Marriage..So..now I’m finally..at my most Core Dream..the One that I was really thirsty for….Wow !!!..I am at the Oracle School..so proud that I finaly made to “Here”….”The Source Purpose”..”The journey”..has Started..and I can not..”really”..stop feeling so “Thrill..and Curious..and Happy”.
    Loves to..You Colette..to the Whole School Board..and Team..and to All Class Mates.

  • I just got an email from Collett reminding me that my place is here , so guess what !? I joined the tribe !!! Soooo happy to be here and looking forward to dig in the realms of oracle !! ( please , please anyone available and willing to tell me : what cards should I get to have during the school? Any kind in particular? Does this site have any we can buy ? Many thanks in advance to any answer that would help me with this ) ! ❤🌞🌛🌺❤

  • Carol Burns says:

    Is there supposed to be a lesson. 2?

  • I am so excited to go through this course for the second time!!!

  • After watching a live Q & A, I pulled 3 cards from my Witche’s Wisdom Oracle deck. As soon as I turned over the first card, I knew I had to join! The second two cards were just more reason why I needed to join:)

    • Eva Pascual says:

      Also..I have already 4 of Colette’s Decks..”Wisdom of the Oracle”..”The Enchanted Map” ( Also the Book )..”Mystical Shaman Oracle”..and the.. “Goddess Power Oracle Card”..that..I was sugesting to the Owner..of ..a. Spiritual Book Store..of my Neighborhood..so I could buy them from them…Also..I’ve been Drawing..the same Cards..and some times with a little variation.. but with exactly the overall same meaning of those I saw drawing out…by Synchronicity..in the “Miny Lessons”..So..Yes..I also thrived..to this destiny..with Big Doubts..and Blocks (also monetary)….inside my Self..but All this Cards..told me and..
      encourage me to go for deepening..in the knowledge..of Oracle..Synchronicity..Intuition..that..there was no going Back for me Now..and I..accepted because I knew..and felt I couldn’t go back..any more..because..I already..had grown over necessary difficulties..and..that..that was what was next..for me to do ..The Oracle School……So..consulting of Course my Oracle Decks..for Direction..in previous weeks from this one…I Draw..with the “Wisdom of the Oracle”..( and I didn’t take note..of the exact position of them but..) the Cards were..at first.. Round and Round..Yang..Time to go..Come to the Edge….then..Breath..Imagine..To the sea.. Deep knowing..Orphaned..appeared..some when..(but don’t remember..exactly when..neither the order..because..as I said..I was not taking 📝..notes..because..I was too excited..and nervous because I knew that my time to jump..was imminent)..and finally..Serendipity..Higher Power..(several times too)..Exchanging gifts..A leg Up..and Observing..came Up too some when….Again..Everything was happening these latest Weeks…and I also consulted other Decks..and did my Crafts posting the diferents Cards..also..Draw.Merlin..Greenman’s Bride..Keeper of Secrets..etc.from Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle..etc..and put them in my Altar..with..Honey..incense..and stones..also..thime a Rabit..dusty pink roses..mirrors..to remind me..to look at my Selff….And..also..pulled from “Goddess Power”….Arianrhod..(Ttime)..about..my blooks with time..and..more recently..I pulled..Saraswati..(Mastery)..and what..mostly..made click..into..my stormy mind..with this Card..was..this..Master Mind Statement : “Partial knowledge does not make You a Master”…So I went very quickly and put her in my Altar…So..so..and so..I was perfectly convinced..that everything was..guiding Me into make this right..decission..and finally I went..to the Edge..with total surender and Jumped………Now….I’m here..and still..”Thrilling..and Happy”……About all this abundance..of Magic….I felt..like..Colette..was all the time..”Reading..my Mind”..and..Yes..all these events….still..keep feeling a little Unreal.🌿🎶🐦👌👩🌼🌾🌠💕.

  • Becky Morris says:

    I pulled a card from Enchanted Map about what I should know about attending Oracle School and I got Field of Dreams upright. The perfect confirmation that I needed. I signed up immediately after that!

    • Susan Hopper says:

      Hello! Well here I am 😍🌈🌵Other day I pulled a card from Wisdom & got All That Glitters. I read the card & seemed the message was don’t join not for me. Well something Inside of me Felt I should take the course, soooo today pulled Card & got Yin. Being receptive & let others lead. I’m excited to be here & get to know others!

  • Signing up again. Learned a lot the first time, although life got in the way of completing the course. Want to be able to participate more this time.Love meeting new positive people as well.

  • Vicki Albin says:

    I’m signing up again! 3rd time!Why? I found the first time how it grounded me into my favorite time of the year. I always feel centered in the Fall and it feels familiar, like coming home.

  • Tears in my eyes, joy in my heart and a few butterflies in my stomach. I knew I wanted to honour myself with this course( for a few years now!!) and I am so proud that I have said YES and BYE to my old story “you have to do it alone” “you don’t deserve to spend money on this” “you’re just not trying hard enough” blah blah blah. I am all in xoxoxox-xoxoxox

  • Dear Colette, this is Ancha trying again.
    In spite of the internet issues and computer mother boards melt downs!
    I gave up last year as I just could not get enrolled due to technical issues. Spoke to your assistant at the time…we could not resolve it.
    Back again, determined now. Please let me know how to join your FB I. Really want to do this and Iracle School has been exciting me for a while.not asking for special treatment, but hopping for ALL THE TECHNO SUPPORT NEEDED TO SUCCEED, in spite of my anxiety over techno challenges. Can we do this together ?

  • Hi Colette, I’m still amazed that I’m going to do this course. Looking forward to some amazing learning.

  • Ines Slavic says:

    Hi Colette,I already made a personal.mastery ( Spring 2017) and Shared Wisdom ( October 2017),so I am excited to be here again.I never ever had thought that I will be able to reed the cards.I do it with my friends and for me.I also finished Level1 and Level 2 Applied Astrology from.Debra Silverman.

  • Trudy Moffat says:

    Ready, set, woohoo!! I took the leap and am so excited to be here. I’ve followed you (CBR) for a number of years and love all your information. I have also taken my level II astrology with Debra Silverman. And, recently the Stars and Cards course which was an awesome pairing!!
    Look forward to learning more with everyone 😁.

  • Kathy Sexton says:

    Hi Colette! I was hesitant to jump on this because the little me was getting in the way.. I pulled a WOTO card to see if I should take the course now…and I got 40 Cocreate. Well that pretty much was a big YES– And then followed it up with Animal Oracle 13 Cat in protection. another YES Both add up to 44 another good sign. It is time to jump back in to the mystery.

  • Gwen Sorgen says:

    Hello Colette♥️✨I’m excited about taking this next step, as I’ve been on the fence for awhile now.. I’m in surrender as of now, trusting that this is where I’m supposed to be. I’ve bought most of your cards decks over the years have some of your books 📚 the 4 part CD’s on messages from spirit..
    So I figure it’s time get back to work, and finding that stuff that’s been missing..
    Looking forward to the transformation in myself and perhaps finding more of my tribe..
    Hugs…. From Gwen
    Xoxo .

  • I am super excited to BE here! I am at a huge turning point in my life. Spirit has been guiding me Loud and clear for the last many months through meditation, cards, intuition and channelling. I have watched Colettes videos and can so relate to her! I have come to elieve that to do what I do, I must do more work on myself. Recently I bought the Goddess deck. Wow! The first card I pulled was New Beginnings Eoster. A Germanic Goddess. My father was from Germany. My life was beginning anew after the death of my love. Hewas the end of my Past Lovers. The Beginning of the new Me. Looking deeply into myself. There has been much work. More to do. The Goddess oracle cards have shown e areas ofmy life that needed changing. So, change I have. It has been hard work but so worth the effort. Amazing how these cards work with universe!!!!. I am looking forward to learning more about asking the right questions, the history of oracles, meeting other like minded people. I sometimes feel alone with this gift. I am interested in learning from others. I feel like a sponge waitng to be filled up! Sorry for going on so long…I am so excited to learn 😄

  • Hi Everyone, Super excited to be doing this and yes, I can not wait for it to start. Happy journeying everyone.

  • I had just bought two decks, Wisdom of the Oracle being one of them. The messages blow my mind & then the lumenaries of confirmation later are the best

  • I’m really excited to be here, I have taken the course every year but THIS year I am going to work really hard on letting go of whatever is holding me back. Thank you CBR and your team for the opportunity to keep repeating the course.

  • Hi Everyone,❤️ I just finished the ‘Stars & Cards’ course that Colette & Debra recently provided. If it’s offered again, I suggest looking into it as it was absolutely fascinating! I wanted to take this course but I wasn’t sure if I should dive in so quickly after just finishing the last one. Pulled a card from the WOTO deck & it was #50-‘No Place Like Home’ so here I am! I’m so grateful to Colette for all that she has endured & learned in her life so that I have the chance to benefit my life & the lives of the loved ones around me. She is such a beautiful soul- Thank u for this opportunity!❤️

  • Hi Everyone,❤️ I just finished the ‘Stars & Cards’ course that Colette & Debra recently provided. If it’s offered again, I suggest looking into it as it was absolutely fascinating! I wanted to take this course but I wasn’t sure if I should dive in so quickly after just finishing the last one. Pulled a card from the WOTO deck & it was #50-‘No Place Like Home’ so here I am! I’m so grateful to Colette for all that she has endured & learned in her life so that I have the chance to benefit my life & the lives of the loved ones around me. She is such a beautiful soul- Thank u for this opportunity! ❤️

  • Kristie Rose says:

    I’m looking forward to the classes beginning!

  • Liz Coleman says:

    Beyond excited to finally be here!!!

  • Seeing how we are doing the review of Personal Mastery starting this week, I am going wayyyyy back to the beginning. I absolutely loved this video series and it’s what got me into signing up in the first place. Colette, you are so playful and silly and I love love love it and you. Thank you for changing my life!!!

  • I am digging the new digs of Main Hall- absolutely brilliant!! The renovations are awesome 🙂

  • Absolutely Magical! I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone!

  • So- focused and set mindful intention – listened to audio meditation- lovely!! And chose my card of the day🌻Tribe♥️How fitting?? And aha🤗

  • Always Inspiring!

  • Hi fellow magicians. I am super excited about this class! I am ready to do the work…let the magic begin!

  • I took this course last year, and absolutely LOVE the look of the new platform, its stunning!!! Super excited to be back this year, thank you for the warm welcome!!

  • Sacha Thoman says:

    Hi everyone excited to be here !

  • Hi everyone, greetings from the Maldives; curious and excited to be here and watching how magic can unfold in the presence of like minded spirits.

  • Angela SPRAY says:

    Hi Colette. So thrilled to join here and be in your class for Oracle School. Have always been curious about the majic oracle cards may hold and how they can open doors to someone and communicate with spirit. I am obviously meant to be here and ready to learn all about oracle cards and also looking forward to meeting other members here. Thanks Angela (Australia).

  • Colette you look amazing!! Sparkly you! Let’s make this OS round a beautiful one AGAIN!

  • Emm Millar says:

    hello everyone , so very excited and a little nervous about this amazing journey ..cant wait to begin ,meet you all and let the magic happen x

  • Joy Cummins says:

    Giddy with excitement to be here!

  • Hello, excited to be here and journeying the next 8 weeks with everyone. I’m still wrapping my head around all your instructions about deleting pages and adding our selves to others I haven’t managed to do that as yet as I’m a little confused with it all.

  • Who hoo! Getting excited to begin this magical and long awaited journey! Feeling encouraged, hopeful, and inspired!
    Looking forward to Monday!

  • I am beyond blessed to be in this course. I look forward to learning as much as I can and to let Sprit take me where I’m meant to be 🦋

  • I am so excited to learn how to manifest much self-empowerment from the universe! I have looked over the cards and started to use them a little and found how uplifted I felt as I engaged in inner self-awareness. I truly want to get the most out of this course and it feels right to me to do so!

  • I am So Impressed with the site, what’s been offered and the way it’s been delivered. The professionalism, content and delivery is truly remarkable. Nothing has been left undone, everything made simple and easy to follow. And we haven’t even gotten to class yet. Can you imagine what’s ahead.!! It’s my third time and I’m still So excited. It just keeps getting better! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Kerry Hanna says:

    Hi from Vancouver, Canada! I’m excited to begin this journey. I too feel called to go deeper, and this seemed like the right (perfect) next step!

  • Julie Stern says:

    I’m really excited to be in this school. I find the oracle cards really spot on at delivering messages. I really want to excel at co-creating the future that i already envision for myself.

  • Aj Fowler says:

    I did so well with this the first time through but struggled to keep up in SW. I thought I would begin again and see what the universe still has in store for me! I love this course and the aha’s I had the first time through make me eager to see how much more I can do!

    • Me, too. I breezed through the first time and felt so happy and comfortable, understanding the process and the cards so well. However, somehow all my progress slowed [eventually] to a halt in Share Wisdom. I was so sad to miss Oracle Palooza this year. I have a lot more going on now with my family, but hopefully, I can still go deeper here in Personal Mastery Take II and find a way to keep the [new] momentum going strong. It has already been a struggle to squeeze in the time [and the focus] so far, but the cards are always spot on and so helpful.

  • Well, I’ve decided to take this class all over again and have beginner’s mind. I know I can go deeper and need to. I’m being called to go deeper. Love that you offer it to the alumni as well and will love delving further into this journey that is never-ending. I just don’t want my life to be a never-ending story of sorrow and drama and realize I’m the owner of it, so here I am. 🙂

  • Thank you for reopening!! I needed this bit of extra time to take the leap. Before making the final commitment I did ask my cards ( I do have the Wisdem of Avalon deck), if the Oracle School will help me in deepening my connection to spirit… and I drew the Partnership card. That was my answer… Can’t wait!!

  • So looking forward to continuing my journey of co-creating my Unique Inspired Authentic Life with everyone! The count down is on!!

  • Kate Rose says:

    Third time is a charm! Thanks Colette and staff for offering this course to alumni! Looking forward to bring a part of the magic again! Happy Dance!

  • Hello from Jerome Arizona. Looking forward to interacting with this awakened magickal group

  • Greetings everyone from Utah!! I’m so excited to start this fantastic class with all of you!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    An owl flew past my window and landed in the tree beside my house. TVO sent a calendar with an owl on the cover. I still did not sign up for Oracle School before the closing time! The next morning I did the meditation that Colette gave us ‘get on the bird’, and magic began to happen for me. Oracle school was extended for a few more days. Yeah and huge smiles. Thanks for the magic Colette. Big Hugs

  • Tara Kochie says:

    Greetings from Brighton, Ontario, Canada.

  • Hi Everyone from Southern California! I am so excited.

  • Greetings from Colorado!

  • Connie says:

    Greetings from Bellingham, Washington. I’m so excited to be here!

  • Olfa Diaz says:

    I was looking for this course for a while.

  • Hola, I’m so excited to get started.

  • dawn riley says:

    I can hardly believe I did it! Greetings from BC, Canada

  • Joyce Morrow says:

    Hello from Alberta , Canada
    I am Joyce

  • Hi, greetings from Canada, so excited, can’t wait to start.

  • So excited to be here!😃

  • So it begins 🙂

  • Hi, greetings from The Maldives, curious to be here, I have a multiple decks, but so far only use personally in sort of my own way 🙂

  • Nancy Zuniga says:

    So happy and grateful to be here!

  • Hello. I have several of Colette’s decks. I’m excited about Oracle School!

  • Hi everyone, another newbie but so excited.

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m in now and of course exited as a newby! Greetings

  • Evans Hermon says:

    Good to be here !

  • Knowing how to ask the Universe questions (video) was very helpful, and I would say an ah-ha moment. I’m already using that advice frequently. I studied astrology under Debra, and I’m looking forward to studying Oracle cards with her friend, Colette.

  • Laura Greig says:

    I’m open and ready! I was uncertain and decided to pull a card and got “Happy Happy” reversed. The protection message was not to take myself and my situation so seriously. It’s time to play! So I stopped overthinking and decided to jump in and trust the process. Can’t wait to begin!

  • Ael Xander says:

    I’m so excited. It’s like shedding off the huge coat and emerging lighter inside and out. The mini course came right as I was at a major crossroads emotionally, intuitively, and mentally. It and my Wisdom of the Oracle deck was the invitation to say..yes, now. You can have it, just step up.

  • Terry HANNAH says:

    I love this school. magic is in the air! lets have fun!!

  • So excited to be here with you all! Looking forward to learning more about myself and my connection with Spirit <3

  • Ivi Brown says:

    I’m nervous. Excited. Hopeful. And Open. Love to everyone here and many Thanks. <3

  • Cheryl Root says:

    Looking forward to learning more about myself with oracle ♥️ cards

  • So excited to be here once again!! I know I am not the same person I was and look forward to who I will become.

  • Joy Clarkson says:

    What an awesome opportunity to “Course” correct. Loving this opportunity. Perfect as the perfect birthday gift, (28th.) Thank you to everyone holding this sacred space! Joyful Blessings! 💞

  • Yeah, I am so so happy to be here.🤗

  • So excited to be here with y’all! I can’t wait to see how much we grow throughout this process and look forward to making many new friends!

  • I was led to be here. I’ve surrendered to Spirit and asked for guidance as I look at recent experiences, challenges and things turning out far differently. It’s been painful. So much so that I intuitively needed to step back and reconnect with intuition and Spirit. I never heard of Colette, Oracle cards or the School and yet here I am. Being here is an answered prayer: “Spirit you know better for me than I do. I eff’d up! Show me in a way I can easily see and act upon for what I do next.” And voila! Here I am. 😊

  • Woot Woot! After 2 years of waiting and watching…I am HERE! Looking forward to all the discoveries I will find.

  • One of my daily prayers for my animal communication work is to know my next step in order to hone my skills and be of greater service. Here I am and feeling excited to go down this path.

  • Denise Awrey says:

    Woohoo! Just did it! I am so ready to learn more. Have you ever felt like your angels were trying to tell you something? Well, mine said don’t be afraid, just do this! Although I am still a little afraid ;o)

  • Donna Brown says:

    I am so excited to be here and cannot wait to see the magic that transforms us into our new magical BE-ings!! Look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and watching us grow together!! I am so excited I am tingling inside with excitement! 🙂

  • So excited to be here with all of you!

  • Feeling excitement, curiosity and hunger for knowledge, about my intuitive synchronised experiences, lucid dreams, my communications with creative life force source consciously aware spirit, and my out of body experiences. I’m looking forward to mastery of self through source with oracle cards. Much love Colette!

  • I am so excited to begin this journey with you. So much to say really..but most importantly, I was guided here to you. I have been sober for one year now. I have opened my soul up to my natural psychic gifts and am just beginning the journey. I have had the gifts since a child but was scared of them and blocked them. I am now ready to uncover my destiny. Thank You!

  • Marie Mohler says:

    Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here. Some amazing miracle alignments unfolded the past few weeks to lead me here. I’m grateful to be a part of this beautiful community and I look forward to expanding my intuitive connections and to learning and growing together in this incredible journey. Thank you Colette and the Oracle School Team for creating this awesome sacred space and pathway to soul expansion for us!

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    I am so glad, that finances are available this year, last year I said I will sign up next year, cause I will have the funds. And here I am. So excited and scared. LOL

  • I had asked my guides for my “blueprint” and you showed up! How amazing to be able to be a part of this wonderful tribe. I am grateful beyond belief.

  • I am so excited!! I have used traditional Tarot for years but stopped using them as I grew away from them and especially people kept wanting their ‘futures’ told. Now I’m in a completely different place and loving the Oracle cards which are always just what I need to hear – even when I’m in denial about them. Looking forward to meeting people along our journey! Brightest Blessings

  • Namaste, looking forward to learning with like-minded individuals!

  • I’m so excited to be here! I truly feel that I was steered in this direction for a reason, and I’m ready to jump in and start this transformative work. Spirit opened up this opportunity for me and I’m jumping right in!

  • I’m so thrilled to start this journey! I’m like a child in front of the Christmas tree, ready to discover the presents of the Universe and of my true inner self in joyful company! Many thanks Colette for this unbelievable opportunity!

  • My Motto: Believe , Be Inspired, Breathe

  • I love the saying ” When the student is ready the Teacher will come”… this is my time and I am so grateful to be part of this school. I look forward to truly connecting and listening to my inner guide and being a part of like minded people.
    My motto:

  • This course showed up at the most opportune time on so may levels. I’m most looking forward to connecting and listening to my own still, small voice. I’ve lost that connection and I know Oracle School will help me with that and so much more!

  • Karen Gwynn says:

    I just joined!! I am so excited (and scared) to go on this journey with some beautiful people…and also to learn from Colette 💛 You are one awesome funny and authentic lady!!

  • I am so excited to be a part of oracle school and thank you Colette for making this possible I am looking forward to the journey.

  • So excited to partner with spirit and be in a fun environment and meet new like-minded people <3

  • Millie Carey says:

    My whole body is tingling. TRUST comes in my mind, body and soul. Thank You

  • I have always known that I have a deep connection with Spirit however my lack of self confidence in myself makes me fear the connection. As Marianne Williams says we fear our power. Many things in my life has contributed to this fear. I am in a great place in my life and now is the time for me to develop this connection. Let the magic begin!!!

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