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  • Ana Zaric says:

    I’ve seen this video at least 10 times but there’s always a new information that pops out of it..just like my card for today..Treasure island – golden information are coming out from the hidden chest..love it..thank you Colette😍

  • Diana Davis says:

    Love to shuffle the cards. It’s like a meditation exercise for me.

  • Help–I am not sure exactly how the Protection card (Challenger card) actually could get reversed based on how the spreads were taught in this video–thanks!

  • Thank you so much for explaining how to pull the cards. I need to consciously start pulling my cards one way so my readings dont come out confusing =)

  • Lynn Day says:

    Talk about synchronisity. Was playing with WOTO deck as you were speaking and right as I pulled “Not for You” card, you said the same thing! (you were talking about using other author’s decks)

  • Lynn Day says:

    Love the art on all of your cards, Colette. The books are so very helpful. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  • Peggie Cole says:

    My second time around… I am so blessed to be here and continue my journey .. so excited to begin !

  • 9 month :):):) that’s like being pregnant , 9 month it took to write the booklet, that’s allowing growth and letting it been born.
    2) I’m a bit upset about not having the card deck yet, watch the video anyway and start just listening to the lessons

  • I’m not sure I will even be able to do this course of study…I have an awful internet provider (the only one available in this area) and when I try to watch the videos, I watch on minute, then it buffers for 25-30 minutes to get the next minute…then buffers another 25-30 min. Sometimes it buffers for 2 and a half hours before the next minute of video is available. I will keep trying for the next couple of days to watch these ‘welcome’ videos, but if things don’t improve, I may drop out and ask for a refund. See what I’m dealing with here: https://youtu.be/O9Owf2CVktQ

  • I love your Oracle cards Colette especially Goddess Oracle Power and also Crystal Spirits you see I have two great loves Oracle cards and Crystals and also Female Power!! Thank you Colette we will get on very well.

  • Gayle Nowak says:

    I just pulled co-create. But it was protection. The message is exactly what I needed to hear!!

  • I just received my oracles cards and I’m so happy that I watched this video before I opened them. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom you are amazing Colette ❤️

  • I have been practicing and taking notes. I do my meditation asking for guidance and setting my intention. Also asking for my Higher Power to be with me to show me what I need to see, know, learn etc. Then I sit quietly. When I feel my Higher Powers presence, then I ask the questions Colette has shown us. Its been mind blowing awesome! I have been taking notes about the cards I pull in which order. How this pertains to that. Omg! There are no words. All truths. Can’t wait to see whats next on this journey within.

  • Donna Fenton says:

    I just received my cards and I didn’t want to open the box yet until I watched this video and I’m glad I did. I can safely now open them, shuffle and read the books. I’m looking forward to getting to know them.

  • ELISE PRUCHA says:

    Even though I knew a bit about this before hand I loved this video and colette’s take on shuffling etc.

  • I’m so excited to develop my intuition and deepen my trust and knowing in myself. So much of the welcome video resonated with me and I’m excited to go on this journey with myself and dig in deep to stepping forward fully in my business.

  • Nikki Keraus says:

    Loved seeing Colette in Toronto in May and everything she said resonated so very much that I’m looking forward to OS. I’m in the midwest but looking forward to sharing learning and insights with all of you from all over!

  • Love when Collette reiterates the protection mode of the cards! Makes so much sense! So looking forward to diving in deeper with this upcoming Oracle School!!

  • Ben Tsoi says:

    I have a few decks from Colette and I’m looking forward to getting the Wisdom of the Oracle cards. Great lesson, very comprehensive.

  • Hello beautiful people, I love doing this course in 2017 but when I received emails about taking it again I thought wow I’m in such a different place now to where I was then. I asked spirit is this perfect timing to do this again then a falcon flew into me a galah grabbed my shoe and tried to pull me backwards and a rainbow lorrikeet sat with me and ate watermelon. Yes they were all saying your silly if you don’t.. I so hope my experiences of life will be put to good use and be able to help so many of us on this wonderful journey together.. I’m so excited.. Blessings.x

  • Thank you it really was great videos. Is there anyone from Denmark starting this course ?
    Lone Malouna

  • Hello beautiful people, I love doing this course in 2017 but when I received emails about taking it again I thought wow I’m in such a different place now to where I was then. I asked spirit is this perfect timing to do this again then a falcon flew into me a galah grabbed my shoe and tried to pull me backwards and a rainbow lorrikeet sat with me and ate watermelon. Yes they were all saying your silly if you don’t.. I so hope my experiences of life will be put to good use and be able to help so many of us on this wonderful journey together.. I’m so excited.. Oh I’m a Aussie originally kangaroo Island now Adelaide… Blessings.x

  • Kathryn Buys says:

    Anyone from the SF Bay Area our there? Would love to get to know you!

  • Great review of the oracle cards, I always learn something new every time I watch these videos. So many golden nuggets!

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    This video is “plump full” of very important information regarding how to use Colette’s Oracle Card Decks. I really enjoyed the whole video and also picked up a lot of important tidbits of information.

  • Nelly Stagg says:

    Loving this!!! So grateful! Feeling very blessed!! Thank You so much!

  • Charles Pack says:

    I feel it coming. My clarity of purpose on my lighted path. Soon all will be crystal clear. Thank you Spirit.

  • As I was deciding and have been unable to do so for a year about enrolling, due to techno-fears (&… therefore challenges haha!) I pulled a card, it was BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. The efficacy of Divination cards never cease to baffle me. I am glad I enrolled, Collette’s playfulness has always been so refreshing. Hi everyone, I am coming out of my hermitage to play, cannot wait to meet you all.

  • So as I was deciding if I should continue to go with this online school the blossom card in my goddess power oracle deck( one of her decks I just realized) flew out and I was like ok…got it…lol

  • I’m so glad to go through this again. You always see things you missed.

  • So excited to start this journey! I pulled ‘BLESSED’ in protection as I registered for the course today. So true.

  • Was shuffling my WOTO deck while watching the video and out popped Serendipity! Just another sign from Spirit today that I am meant to be here <3

  • pull “blessed” #22 on August 22nd the day I registered for this class 🙂

  • i love being able to refresh re-invigorate my work with these modules GPS switched on!!!! thx

  • I am so glad I’m going over these videos. Recently you mentioned me in one of your lives……… I think you’re awesome too. AND going over this video, I realize that you are the person I was meant to learn about this from. Thank you Colette.

  • …so when I’ve gathered my cards either for a reading or to put away thrice after all is said and done i have found the Higher power card not hiding just boldly lying on a surface where i was sure there were no cards..I’m listening but i guess not deeply enuf

  • I got these videos before I .joined OS. I watched them at least 3 times. Then after I joined and while I was waiting for class to start I watched them another 3 times. Now, during our break, I am going to watch them again, and then watch the first the 3 modules at least 3 times while going over the home plays…… I love this course. For the first time in my life I am looking at myself in a totally non judgemental way and learning so much about myself and my connection with the Universe. Thank you Colette Baron Reid for all that you are and do.

  • I like what i am am learning!
    Everything is so NEW!!

  • Marie Mohler says:

    I’m so happy to be here in Oracle School! I’m learning so much and feeling very at home. Thank you!

  • Whilst shuffling a new deck I had a jumper card. Without even asking a question the universe gave me the message I needed. WOW. As Colette says you can’t make this stuff up. Amazed and grateful at the same time.

  • Great description of Oracles cards! a multipurpose swiss knife ( Mirror, GPS, Flashlight, Interpreter,…) Lol

  • Totally new to working with oracle card and love the tip to Bless the cards, the different ways to shuffle, putting one card upright and one upside down and especially the meaning to reversal cards. I’m practicing shuffling as that’s seems to be a skill in itself. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  • Sacha Thoman says:

    I was a bit resistant to doing the welcome modules as I have followed you for years and heard you speak a lot – however I am committing fully to this course so I am following ALL instructions finally and I am getting so much great insight ! Thank you always so amazing so grateful!!

  • Emm Millar says:

    I love the way you have described the cards ,as telling a story , navigating the way, shining the light and also how you have cleared up the rather confusing element about shuffling the cards and “the right” way to do it .. I just love your communication skills .totally draws me in and I feel very safe 🙂

  • Wow my card of the day was Imagination in protection. Absolutely spot on with what Im going through. Namaste!

  • Joy Cummins says:

    Loved this especially the info on the protection cards, in truth I have become anal about putting cards back in the deck so they all come out upright thank you for sharing

  • Vikki Goy says:

    I have NEVER been so connected to deck. Wisdom of the Oracle is Absolutely Amazing! Spirit speaks directly to me via this deck! I am having the same results with The Spirit Animal Oracle deck. They give the same message and mirror each other…I cannot wait for Oracle School to start! :o) I believe in the Magic! Thank you, Colette

  • lol i am so grateful for pulling the three jumpers that lept out during the shuffle of this video. The current moments advice for me was from my healing with faeries oracle deck and it was so obvious what the message was for the upside down card of feeling safe. To remind me that the cards have my back they will course correct and remind me when i am making any error in judgement and lol ironically in the upside down present i had no choice but to laugh out loud at the notion that i am surrounded by heavenly spirits and support at all times teehee

  • Laura Boies says:

    I’m a newbie to Oracle cards. Excited and looking forward to Oracle School. These welcome lessons are so helpful. Love your energy Colette!

  • I can’t wait for this school and my personal mastery…this welcome video series has taught me much. Thank you Colette ❤

  • Loving the intention behind the cards as a useful tool for higher guidance of self through divination. Thank you Colette.

  • navigation – flashlight – true north – find the path …. what beautiful metaphors, glad to be hear

  • I will open my mind to reversed cards. I typically shuffle my cards so they are always upright to avoid reversals. Time for change.

  • I liked the discussion regarding the reverse cards and how they can give us information about how to stay out of trouble. How awesome is it to be able to course correct before we make a blunder! I look forward to communicating with the Universe to gain wisdom and insight. I am so happy to be here. This lesson resonated with me and I look forward to more!

  • synchronicity – yesterday I was missing getting emails from Colette and 2 arrived. I decided to get a separate journal to us for Oracle school and as I was driving to town, the song Do You Believe in Magic came on the radio.At the store, my eyes were drawn to a journal that had bold colors on the cover and when I picked it up it was inscribed with “Clear your mind”. Getting in the groove.

  • Hi Folks! Love this new platform. So happy to be here ♥

  • Laura Lewis says:

    Exited to get started!

  • Wow, I love all of the CBR decks so is great to go along with this course to feel the energy. At least it does for me. I then moved onto other decks but it was great learning this energy to support my foundation.

  • Thank you Collette, for making the basics very clear and simple to follow. I love your Shaman deck!

  • Greg Perkins says:

    I loved how you demystified how to “prepare” your decks stating that there is really no wrong way. You mentioned that there are superstitions around this. I personally think that rituals can be great routines that provide comfort in familiarity; routine ritual sometimes can create a pivot for “getting stuck”, “this is the only way to do it” type of response which can cultivate inflexibility and fear. The way you described it allows it to be open to the higher energy and flow of the universe, thus allowing it not to get stuck or cornered in. Thank you!

  • I have a number of oracle decks, both by Collette and by other authors. Thank you, Collette, for explaining the difference between a “hug from the universe” deck and a “divinition system deck.” I had never heard this explained before. Makes a huge difference!

  • I’ve been through a Numerology course and a Law of Attraction certification course but just felt that something was missing. I know that I have good intuition but I am eager to go to the next level and connect fully with the Universe and experience MY magic. So excited and I feel so happy about choosing OS!

  • I love it when I draw a card in protection —- don’t we all want to be protected?

  • Love this so much! Have been doing readings more than twenty years, yet all this information is so fresh, focused, and insightful. I’m so glad I signed up for Oracle School after hearing the call.

  • Debra Costa says:

    So much info thank you I have learned a lot in just this short period of time.

  • Jeanne Baus says:

    Thank you for all the details, I am learning a lot, and I am only 2 hours into the content.

  • absolutely loving the detail! taking notes to anchor it all in my head! thank you Colette!

  • Barb Arnold says:

    Love the detailed info in this video, definitely worth repeated viewing to help everything sink in

  • Ivi Brown says:

    Thank you! This is making a lot of sense to me and I feel like the Oracle Cards are more accessible than I feared. I kept feeling daunted by them but pulled to them at the same time!

  • Ael Xander says:

    I love this platform. More, I love the way you presented this, Colette. This truly hit home. It also told me why your decks are some of my home decks. When I get stuck or need to be on target, your decks are my go to ones. The Wisdom of the Oracle deck is truly amazing, accurate from the first reading I did. The Shamanic oracle is my next deck to get. It calls me as the Wisdom Oracle deck did.

  • Pat Burrows says:

    Love the platform and the videos!

  • Loved listening, so much great information 💕

  • It was wonderful to hear all the logistics as well as spiritual why’s and wherefores..thank you!

  • I’m super excited …thank you Colette!!!!

  • Donna Brown says:

    Lots of great information. I will be watching this a few times before classes start to get a better handle on these terms.

  • Give thanks! 🙂

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    I will be watching this video a few times over, great tips and format. Amazing results

  • Good to get confirmation in 101 webinar that they way I’ve selected my cards for years has been OK 🙂

  • I Love this woman!

  • Anna Saether says:

    This is soo good!

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