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  • This is better explained than the first time I took the class. I could be neutral for everyone else but myself and my closest relationships, always was in assumption and in story. once I slowed down and figured this out, I could then see the true messages I was to receive.

  • excellent explanation.
    the video is getting stuck every once a while

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    Excellent video! Being neutral is sooo important when asking the question. This video helps me to understand the “underlying” information that I am not seeing.

    I have completed all 4 videos, however, it is not reflecting that I have completed them all. I was going to view Video 5, however, it appears that video is not available for watching yet.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    So happy for this review! You’re right Colette I have been skimming over the anchor card & not looking for all the clues & info it provides.

  • ELISE PRUCHA says:

    im assuming q and a is once couse starts
    and i believe so much in a connection to the universe either with or without cards

  • Haven’t been to see the Q & A?

  • Eva Pascual says:

    Wow!..this..is one day after..my first comment..to the Lessons..and after too..having seeing Kahtonna’s..comment..
    I don’t know..but today’s morning..trying..to follow the exercise..of..”One Card at a Day”..this is what I got more difined..in my..mental movements..I realized..that in different occasions..”that One Card”..is going to be influences..in its meaning..by all of the conditions in energie..around it… energies of Us… specifically today ..(our Mind/Energies before making the question)….influence..by occurrens in the energies of the Enviorment around Us….energies of Different “Past” occurrences..(like cause and effect )..influencing the present…and …Yes..if it doesn’t..directly..is reflecting my original question..is going to be talking..about..the especific issue..to be resolve..previous..to have a clarity..about..how to act..or do next..related to..my actual today’s question..For example..I draw…”Thinker”..in protection position….When a “read” the Guide Book..(And..See I still need to read the Guide Book😊)..it..was talking about….over analysing..and..trying to find a logical answer to my preoccupation..that..in the momment ..that I was..it would result faulty..The Card directed me..to relax..meditate..exercise..do something creative..and..that..that would make me come to my senses and an aha! ..momment will come to me…And YEEEEES!.. that was exactly what I needed to hear..But it was not exactly my Question…..So…That was amazing!..and..then..after that..I felt a great relief…I relaxed..and ..everything went..smoothly..and I did gained my clarity..and calmness…and resolve the issue..So in the very.field of PRACTICING..I gained this experience..MORE CLAIRLY..So I think that I’m going to put my Self to practice more..haha!..Yes!….Thank You! Thank You!..”Colette”..Great!..Great!..Great!….🌼👍💕.

  • Explains much about receiving that card and then being confused about what it really meant. This has happened when trying to read for myself and now is confirmation I was somehow not neutral. Time to get that under control.

  • Eva Pascual says:

    These two chapters..are amazingly interesting..a mean 4 and 5.. and..Yes..since I’ve been “talking with spirits”..( with Cards )..wich I found it was always a inner knowing..becsuse I started with this..once I entered..a Book Store..and saw them..and just picked them up..just guided by Intuition..and I didn’t..even know how exactly name..this Psychological ability..that..I’ve been using my whole life..because..I never..questioned…any body if U was right or not…I’ve..just..been always using it..but it doesn’t..mean..neither..that.unconsciously..I’ve been also many times bloking it..by..using..conditionings…in my unconscious mind…..Among them….rationalizing..wich is very powerful..because..we are using our memories..conditionings..shadows.. experiences..negative or positives..to resolve..something….But..there..was..always
    ..this part of My…Consciousness..Wireing..wich..
    ..is part of my..Core..knowingness.(sorry about my English..still learning)..that I never ask any body if I was right o no..in using this..unconscious knowingness..I just owned it..and was Save..and..truthful ..and..when I found..a Blockage..in moving foward..from its revelations..I was just drawn or guided..to study or investigate..more…and nobody..could stop me..my point is that I don’t ask any body if I have to do it ir not..I Just know that I can move foward confidently..for knowledge..just like..Now… And was always..so Positive..Asertive..and Save..this..way of Exploring..Reality….that..it..was..always..an essential part of keeping my Self..”My Self”..and..even more..”Keeping My Self Save”..So. Yes..I’ve..been experimenting..all these situations explained….in these 2 lessons too..and “I got..that”..to a certain point…as Colette says…And some times for clarifyng..in any of those situations..I drew more cards on that one card..( as I learned observing other readers ) on the internet….But..here.it..is ..one..of my big issues..( because..I know I’m just at the BEGINNING of this Amazing and Beautiful Journey )..I just can not stop..reading..the Guide Books..for every Card..and jumping back..to the..core question many times.. …Then it is difficult..for me..at that point..when I draw cards..to let my Self be guided..by intuition….like there..is a more Complex “Formula”..to.make this link with Intuition..that I’m not being aware of ( talking in 3D..language..” Formuka ” ) But may be..the formula..has the capacity to be flexible..So..there..is when I feel..my. Rasionalizing..Mind….getting in the way..of..an intuitive reading..that’s why I keep..haging on the Guide Book..for every Card..So..well..that’s what I felt inspired to share right Now…And again..apologies..for my English.. any spelling mistake..because..I’m still.Learning..Loves to All..🌷🌼👩💕.

  • These videos have answered so many questions for me! And raised more! I am excited to get started but Wow! So much to learn right here! Loving it

  • Whew! So much to try & remember and learn. It’s a tad overwhelming to try & keep up with such a wealth of information. 🙂

  • I was given confirmation that I was on the right path. Im so excited and blessed!!

  • So much information from one card – time for me to work with just one card and really understand all of what Colette just shared. So much wisdom….

  • Kathy Coy says:

    My anchor card for my third time in Oracle school is Wide Open from Colette’s deck The Map. I’m ready to really dive in this time and open myself up. Can’t wait to for school to start.

  • I did a bunch of readings for other folks (first time in public) at an event recently and found the things with the dominant energy and the assumptions folks came in with.
    This is a very helpful talk.
    Last point: I’d been pulling cards along with the video and had put the deck down with the bottom card facing up: Truth be Told in protection!!

  • neutrally curious…….

  • Marie Mohler says:

    I love this. It makes so much sense. Yes! Go neutral and curious!

  • Nice refresher!

  • Robin Abra says:

    Thank you for this refresher regarding the anchor card and hidden influences. It makes my readings have much more clarity. I have been struggling to get to neutral before my daily card!

  • Emm Millar says:

    I had not realized the importance of the anchor card …it has changed everything …these videos are so great to see before the start of the course … thank you soo much

  • I love I-ching and have studied as a Feng Shui teacher for 20 years <3 Rune Stones were my first divination at age 10 🙂

  • I’m so happy we have these pre course videos. I’m new to Oracle cards and these intro lessons are giving us a foundation to build on. Learning about the anchor card makes so much sense and when I pulled my card “Poised” it was so accurate- I spent time really observing the card and there was so much information there like she said. Thank you Colette for this great content- it makes so much sense the way you teach it!

  • This is a very important lesson, and explains a lot. Not knowing this I too made assumptions before choosing an anchor card. Thank you!

  • This section on personal bias and hidden influences really resonated with me. I look forward to learning how to be better at recognizing my biases and letting them go and to to a better listener to the Universe!

  • Cheryl Hyatt says:

    As I am sitting here watching your Welcome Lesson Progress (3rd one at the moment), you are speaking about the Anchor Card. I have opened my box Wisdom of the Oracle, read all of the pages before the 1st card Yang, and now I want to draw my Anchor Card. I honestly can’t say what my mind set is,I am just here, feeling very blank at the moment. I spread the cards from left to right and I randomly picked them up saying things to myself such as “give me guidance, allow me to find my way, allow only the good to be shown, help provide direction, and so on” … Now I need to pose the question… this is where I have trouble. Asking the correct way without imposing any unwanted vibes, so to speak. So my question is “What is the highest good that can come from the path that I am on at this moment in time?” Divided the deck into 5 small piles and drew from the top of the 3rd pile. REGENERATION…Ummm WOW, this is for sure my AH-HA moment. Only with this one card. I asked for the highest good and I can not even begin to tell you how accurate this card is. The Prosperity message is what hit the hardest because as of lately I have been trying to create myself anew. A lot has changed in my life recently and I have been trying to find answers. She has given me insight, something to think about but NOT dwell upon for the time is now to move forward and become a BETTER version of me. I can not wait for the Oracle School to begin… A new start.

    • Cheryl Hyatt says:

      FYI….. I did NOT get all the way through the 3rd Lesson…. I stopped at 5 minutes… And the odds of me drawing the SAME card as you did in your video?? I am a little freaked out at the moment… HOW? Out of 52 cards, shuffled and divided did I draw the same one??

  • So much information on the Anchor card! I had not realized how important this card was to the readings…Thanks Colette!

  • Really appreciate the explanation about dominant and relationship energy.

  • Sharon Rose says:

    My ah-ha moment was in choosing my deck. I already have the Wisdom of the Oracle which hasn’t resonated with me. I just received The Spirit Animal Oracle and had an actual, physical reaction when I opened the box. My heart fluttered and I literally caught my breath when I looked at the cards. I may start classes with the Wisdom of the Oracle to be on the same page as everyone else but I’m also going to be using The Spirit Animal Oracle.

  • Reading your comments is making me excited about getting my deck. I live in Australia and ordered through Amazon AU, have to wait until aprox 23 October to receive them because they are coming from UK. I am trusting this will not matter if I don’t have my cards in time for the beginning of the course.

  • By any chance is any material on the teachings, that we can download for further readings ? Many thanks in advance, kind regards.

  • Tracy Jarvis says:

    I asked where will I find myself by going to Oracle School and I received “No Place Like Home”. I just thought I was excited before!

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    What do I need to know about Oracle School? Card pulled is A Change In The Wind. WOW

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    How interesting, I picked Milk and Honey, when I asked what do I need to do for my husband as he works on his journey. Amazing card.

  • Just got my new Wisdom of the Oracle deck. The ah-ha is this, I feel the love & energy so strong as I began opening the box, separating the cards and pulling that first anchor card. Wow! Excited to start the module training with you Colette <3

  • Ael Xander says:

    I love the thought of anchor card. The whole reason you have one and how it works. It’s so interesting.

  • Ivi Brown says:

    EXACTLY. I was just asking, “Well how do I work through the different energies??” I’m going to use your meditations! I already feel so much confirmation about deciding to take this course. 🙂

  • I picked my 1st card and it was spot on… Let go and let god…And let me!

  • While I was rewatching this video (because I saw it live) I was shuffling and doing reading the cards. I asked the question about the love of my life reentering my life……. I got Regeneration just as you did!!! And, you have talked to me about this person. You said let go of outcomes. I am………

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