This video provides a 2-card group reading that gives guidance on what hidden influence could affect a reading and throw us off-course, as well as what to do to re-align.

Hidden Influences

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Hidden Influences

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Energy and Others lesson progress
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  • Yet another video full of golden nuggets! 🙏💕

  • Pamela Brown says:

    I did this same reading specifically for myself and true to form, Spirit was spot on. My first card regarding what can derail me or throw me off course: #6 Not for You in protection. “Don’t obsess over what eludes you….nothing to be gained by refusing to see the red flags that have been waving since you began your pursuit”. For me, this speaks to me about not getting attached to the desired outcome when I ask questions. My second card regarding how I course correct was #49 Observer. I couldn’t help but laugh. True, true. Time to step back and get into neutral. Love it.

  • Love this!! yesterday i got the orphan card as my anchor card and i was in a great place ‘peacefull observer mode” and thouth thats interresting! i felt the love of the card, and wondred what it ment, and felt that anytime the meaning would come and tada!!!! beautifull!!!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    I especially love this video. This is so crisp and clean. When I work I leave my small self outside of the office. When the door closes my Soul self is in there with me. Re-connecting made easy! This video is worth watching many, many times as a beautiful reminder. Thank you, Colette. IL&G

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve already replayed it several times and love the message. It’s a gem. Thanks Colette!

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