In this video information about the steps to take in reading for another is given.  It is advised to find a practice partner that’s someone you don’t know. The importance of staying in beginner mind is discussed.  We are reminded that it’s okay to be wrong and give ourselves permission to be present to the experience. The reason for starting with 1-card is given.  What happens when you’re off-base and out of alignment is talked about as well as how to get back into alignment. This video additionally covers the kind of questions to ask about what you saw.  You are exploring yourself through somebody else and in a heightened state of awareness because it’s like you’re in intuition gym. The importance of having fun is also talked about.

Reading For Others

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Reading For Others

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Energy and Others lesson progress
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  • Diana Davis says:

    I enjoyed this module 5.

  • Awesome video!

  • Dedra Cooper says:

    😁 Yes Fun! Thank you

  • I hope to help people although it still makes me nervous. I like the questions to ask myself if the reading doesn’t seem to flow. I am anxious to try it.

  • Kathy Sexton says:

    I was going to tell a never ending story but decided not to! Growth. 😎

  • Reina Ortega says:

    Being curious and in beginner mode is always a good reminder. It’ll all be interesting to put this together and read for people I don’t know personally.♥️

  • Thank you and Awesome!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    When reading others, who picks the card, who lays out the spread, who shuffles, etc. I trust all of this will be explained. …..

  • Paula Gregg says:

    My understanding is as a new student, I shouldn’t be asking more weighted questions to decide important things so should I be broaching reading others just yet w/ questions they may ask that I shouldn’t yet ask myself?

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    Love love love it😙😙😙

  • conni kremer says:

    Great pep talk! 😉 Love how the focus is to be on how MAGICAL this co-creative process is rather than worrying about being “right or wrong”. I was delighted to hear we can read from the guidebook during the partner reading! 🙂 I also realized I basically did this same process last week with a couple different friends…and YES, we were amazed at what the cards/Spirit said! The first friend shed tears as we read her card; she had a big “aha” moment. 🦋I’ll remember the relaxed attitude we had and will carry that forward.

  • Wow! I see why my oracle cards arrived just less than 24hrs ago. So I could actually read for another!
    Great thanks to the Universe!

  • Terry HANNAH says:

    thank you Colette:) you cant make this shit up!

  • ah, personal mastery, how the universe speaks to me. wonderful.

  • Millie Carey says:

    Fresh eyes, beginners mind! I love the idea to be curious as an antidote to fear. Thank you Colette.

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