This video talks about the importance of the integration of the small self and the Soul self.  The Soul gets a chance to be active through getting neutral and opening a connection to the Universe.  The importance of meditation is also highlighted. You will learn how empathy overload might show up for you, as well as how to track your energy to know what your Point of Vantage is.  Being aware of your vantage point allows you to know where you’re coming from.

Getting To Neutral

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Getting To Neutral

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Energy and Others lesson progress
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  • Dedra Cooper says:

    Love all the information in this video. Let’s have some fun! Of Course I love all of your video’s, great teachings easy to understand. Can’t wait for tonight’s call! Super excited!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Oh how I loved when you said to call in the soul self & it immediately lights up! How did I miss that the first time? Thank you!

  • Ah, empathy overload. Again and again, I’m told to Take a Nap or to disconnect in some way. All of this and I feel, having left Silicon Valley culture, that I’m never doing enough. The human doing needs to give way to the human being but I seem to be kicking and screaming all the way. *sigh*

  • remembering the river flow of ease in allowing my morning card to lay in my heart and on my cell phone lol and then in the evening i draw two more cards and my goodness like you said you can not make this up..focusing on easing into readings for others ahhhhhh thx and blessings

  • I have finally realized what pot I was in and cautiously have moved to my new colorful pot for growth. This is in connection with my three card reading this morning. Sending Love and Thank you!

  • Losa Kellems says:

    I literally moved from one pot to another today with my anchor card. I LOVE how perfectly timed it is when I watch each lesson! sending love!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    I am no where near ready to read for others. I’m not even at a place where I can do a reading for myself on weighty relationship issues.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I just had an epiphany of sorts. I was born sensitive. I was wondering why I always want to please people. When I was little my big brother used to punch me in my arm. I would cry & wail cause it hurt, my arm & my feelings. Then my dad would yell at my brother so loud & mean that I would start crying again because it hurt me to see my brother being yelled at. I would try so hard not to do anything wrong so my brother would not get yelled at. In grade school same thing. I tried so hard to do the right thing to please my teachers so I wouldn’t get yelled. I was always trying to please so I wouldn’t feel the hurt & cry or to see someone else yelled out on my account. Everyone just please everybody get along I can’t take the vibrations I feel in my body. I even sense what people are feeling. It’s hard to put into words. I just feel it. So it’s really important that I stay in neutral, in Observer & ask Spirit to come in, use me as an instrument to decipher the cards. I have been reviewing all the videos & it’s amazing how much the information comes alive again so I can get back on course. Thank you!!!

  • wow … this was so good Colette! I love the way you are teaching us to go into neutrality and to integrate our soul-self. So simple and easy as well as sacred and available! thank you!

  • conni kremer says:

    This video was full of gems, and one that I’ll want to watch again and again! I especially love how you described calling on your Soul Self to come forward, visualize your small self stepping aside, and the accompanying prayer. You are a Pioneer of Spirit! I’m reminded of the quote: “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where this is NO path and leave a trail.” Thank you, Colette! 💜🙏🤗

  • Love the image of the small self trying to capture intuitive hits like chasing a butterfly. We make it so hard when it’s so easy when we go neutral and let the Universe surprise and delight us. Thanks for that image….. and of course tons more. So FUN FUN FUN

  • it makes sense that the small self realizes that they are guided by something

  • I’m curious which meditations Colette practices twice daily?

  • Empathy overload im a bit guilty of this, thank you for reminding me

  • Robyn Boyle says:

    Yes Yes Yes! I love this!! So many aha bits in here.
    The small self runs the human until the human recognizes that there is something greater guiding them…. Perfect
    I love how you refer to re-potting. At the beginning of this course I sent a pic of a money plant that was given to me by my sister of Christmas 2016…I have now re-potted it twice and oh my gosh…It is flourishing….And I feel it is resembles me with the growth and expansion I have created for myself over the same amount of time.
    Everything is so interesting! I love love this container you have created for all of us.

    Thank You <3

  • Millie Carey says:

    I Love the “Relieve me of bondage of Self so I may better do thy will. Show me how best to serve this person”. What about saying that for myself before doing my own reading …… show me how best to serve myself. By saying it it create a safe place for me. Colette you advise us several times in former videos and live calls that in order to make our own reading easier to try to imagine that you are doing it for someone else, it will help:). Interesting!

  • I noticed that the WOTO box was upside down which when I looked at it during a moment that some uneasiness rose up. Made me feel “Hey, look the WOTO is in protection. It is here to keep you protected, safe and flowing into ease.”

  • So Grateful for this safe container. Thanks Colette

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    This was really a good reminder for me to be neutral & curious in my own readings. Also how important it is for doing a reading. I am so excited to be able to offer prescriptive readings & not predictive. It is so empowering for everyone. This is the best course I have ever taken & I’ve taken a lot in my energy healing for everyone days. This is all part of my expansion in energy healing & learning about the self – know thyself – it is. Today I feel like I am flying. The aha just hit me. I am transitioning & expanding into another phase of energy healing using my voice, which is something my north node & Saturn want me to do. I am seeing flashes of how this is all weaving together. Something is opening & awakening. I have had tears all morning & don’t know what the are all about. A very sentimental, highly emotional day so far. It’s so great feeling these emotions as a neutral observer understanding I am an empath & that’s just the way it flows with my tears. Heartfelt thanks for everyday of what you are teaching us Colette. Sorry I got a little chatty there!❤️

  • My biggest issue is that I’m 63 and still don’t know what I want to be/do when I grow up!? I am rediscovering
    Who I am and hoping this course will guide me in the direction I need to be. I kinda forgot how to dream and struggle with where I’m going. I’ve let others define my past and I need growth. I’m glad I’m here 😍

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