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Lesson: Energy And Others

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Energy And Other

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Experiencer vs. Observer

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Flowing With Faith

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Chamber of the Inner Oracle

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Removing Blocks

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Physical Resonance

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Comments 11
  • many thanks for these new guided meditations. I look forward to the journey- I can not believe I am actually meditating wowwwwwwwwaahhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzz

  • Cheryl Wine says:

    I loved physical resonance. So many past experiences arose for me. I had not connected all of them. It was very encouraging.

  • Wow love the music .physical resonaances music.and very Vivid Vivid imagination and this this physical meditation thing it was it is like oh my God so wild

  • Oh wow that some great visioner.remover black music .and get bird very great

  • Asking for direction regarding attending oraclepalooza- soul wants- earthly events prevented me from cruise- my top thought- put gently aside-
    Asked my husband if it would be ok and -app- wrench- then don’t complain Re money❤️
    His energy is a detriment to my development in spirit.
    Attempting to look beyond.
    So in my highest good drew combinations which should not surprise .
    527 numbers have overtaken my life/ so many times they show themselves- angels energy on many levels❤️🌻🤗
    Drew from woto in my highest good possible result of attending- 7 in protection- to the sea
    If I do not go- possible result- 4 in protection- higher power-
    Then I drew a clarification card if I do attend- possible result in my highest good- 40❤️🤗🌻🤟🌞co- create.
    Energy everywhere and within.
    Will revisit this shortly/spirit and intuition will guide me to best positive choice❤️

  • My favorite was the Chamber of the Inner Oracle!!! 💗💗💗
    I didn’t want to leave!!! I could have stayed there forever!!!

  • Julie Sutton says:

    My AHA moment with Physical Resonance…at the moment when I don’t trust and follow my instincts my body tightens and I start closing up. This happens before I even realize that my instincts were right. My body automatically bunkers down to try and protect myself. When I trust my instincts my body feels open, at ease and remains open even if my instincts were wrong. Afterwards it’s much harder to move on from making a mistake if the mistake was made when I also chose not to follow my instincts because then I’m also dealing with the feeling that I’ve betrayed myself. ENJOY your Sunday!

  • OMG! Huge Epiphany! after doing the Physical Resonance today let me just say it has been quite an experience with this module!
    Epiphany: I am being guided everyday; shown through people, actions, behaviors, messages-its all a way for the Divine to connect with me. How I respond, react and receive are ways of revealing how clear my connection with Spirit is. It’s helping me stay on track to where I’m supposed to go to obtain the life experience I was given, chose and received, in order to transform and be enlightened to take my rightful place in the next realm! OMG! Colette this is amazing and confirming I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be; doing and experiencing everything just as it should be! Fricken awesome! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    So grateful for you and all you do to help others on their quest! Much love

  • Wow, being the Observer made me so calm! I am going to do that more often…it feel so peaceful!

  • I am LOVING the meditations! I was feeling very resistant and the meditations helped me get out of my own way.

  • Lillian Meng says:

    I really like and had enjoyed these meditations with the amazing sound effects accompanied the messages. I like to call them heavenly places where I can reunite with light, love and confidence. Like SPA treatments I co-created. Luxurious indulgence. I look forward to many revisits. Thank you for using and sharing your wonderful musical talents!

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