This video talked about intuition and intention and how they relate to one another.  Intention is a seed that has a life force. Essence of the desire that isn’t form based is what you want to focus on.  Need to tend to what we plant. Since it is deliberate intention we have to be deliberate around fostering the feeling state.  The video covered how necessary it is to ensure that our desires are in alignment with our truth, how we tend to the soil and how important it is to weed the garden in your field of dreams.  This means taking a self-inventory.


The video also highlighted that intuition is peripheral and indirect.  We don’t use our intuition to go direct. It’s always intuitive about what’s around us, what we cannot see.  Oracle Cards will show you when you’re out of alignment with your vibrational patterns and how you have to get back on track.  The video talked about Oracle Override which is when Spirit overrides you and what you think you want, and Spirit will show you what you really want.  Intuition and intention are in a dynamic relationship. Chose Soul Mates card to describe that relationship.

Power of Intuition & Intention

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Power of Intuition & Intention

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