In this video you learned that the Conscious Universe and Oracle Cards are your 2 core support systems.  A relationship exists between the Conscious Universe, you and the Oracle cards and creates a triangle without any separation.  It’s amorphous and experiential so that the more you feel it, the more you see evidence of it in your world and other areas. Everyone acts as a representative of Spirit because we have a soul.  The soul takes on the body and then that soul experiences its life throughout from birth to when we drop our body and more to another dimension of consciousness. The relationship is always there and present but we have to engage it otherwise it’s relatively dormant because the ego then takes over.  Oracle Cards are the instrument to the understanding how you communicate with the Universe. It’s like they are holographic go-betweens between you and the Conscious Universe because it’s a language.


The subconscious mind is a memory keeper that can’t see beyond what’s in front and what’s been experienced.  It’s job is to keep us in familiarity. If we want to change, to transform, to work with the Oracle Cards to move beyond that limitation, then we have to trust the invisible world, the Conscious Universe, is going to help us move past what prevents us from seeing beyond our limited, familiar self.  The subconscious mind, ego, sees everything as separate but ultimately we’re all connected and that’s something you will experience in this course.


Oracle Cards engage the part of you that is Soul.  The Soul-self wakes up because it’s more engaged in the process of change, experiencing new things.  Oracle Cards speak to your Soul and the Soul is invested in a new experience. When you get ‘in-tune’ with that you begin to see the magic everywhere and you want more and more of the magic you’re now experiencing.  The cards train the Soul-self and the Conscious Universe in the conversation. You see more patterns coming up, in the cards too, the more you work with this course. It’s an undeniable relationship that once you experience it, you have to trust it.  Your 2 support systems are the pillars through which you navigate your world. Oracle Cards facilitate easing god’s order and you can then find what is unique, authentic, inspired and new for you because you’re operating outside the limitations of the small self the ‘edge god out’ ego self.  The more you work with Oracle Cards, the more you use them as a method of communication with the Conscious Universe, the more magic shows up in your life.

Your Two Support Systems - Introduction

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Your Two Support Systems - Introduction

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