In this video you learned how Oracle Cards are a tool that open up a portal, doorway and something unavailable to you that now becomes available to you through working with the cards.  The cards do something for you, they’re operating for you. The video talked about the intention of WOTO, how it was created, why and how many different parts there are to it. Discussed why your Soul wants to talk, how it has lots to say, and that it wants to experience more than you’re giving it.


The importance of the guidebook was discussed.  Also, how Oracle Cards create a synchronicity event and why you want more of these.  The world becoming your Oracle the more you use Oracle Cards was talked about and how awareness starts to ‘kick in’ and keep you awake.  Finally, Oracular Consciousness was discussed meaning that the more you work with Oracle Card, the more your inner Oracle wakes up. The Soul is the voice you listen to more often than your ego and you have a much more effortless connection to the Universe where everything becomes possible.

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More On Oracle Cards

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