Working With Others

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Working With Others

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  • 💞🤗 Colette, thank you for being you.

  • I love you, your work, your teachings and your humor etc.;) I’m learning much, I’m so grateful. Thank you! I’m living more in the observer and the” that’s interesting” point of view and less reactive. The get on your bird meditation is so great to put things into perspective and get clarity and feel physically better.
    The cards are such truth tellers, even if my filter is not always clear the messages are! “You can’t make this shit up”! So happy to be here and growing with you all! YAY! XO

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    WOW loving all of the videos! I’ve learned so much already & have put some missing pieces together. Those clear filters are a beginning for being an observer & wisdom. I always knew & that’s why I have gravitated to you & the way you teach & that is I am the witness & the translator, not the advise giver. I am eager to learn the archetypal themes in all people & how that reflects me. I gave a few readings but left feeling something was missing. I am so grateful to be in this course with you & everyone in here.

    • tammy engel says:

      well, here we go! this comment is just to serve as a marker for myself about My Willingness to explore who and where i am right now

  • Erin Briggs says:

    So many great reminders! For me the biggest one is keeping my filter clean…maintaining neutral hinges on this important concept and is something that truly needs to be put into action daily. Deep bow in gratitude for guiding us through this life shifting wisdom work.

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    Wow truly amazing. Where am I ? I feel like im in a beautiful library with a million old books and full of excitement to choose one but i want to read them all haha. I choose to sit and enjoy the smell and soak in the knowledge as a neutral observer and be guided to a book from Spirit xx Just so excited to Share Wisdom xx

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