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  • Lisa Bousson says:

    This is one of those “You can’t make this $hit up moments.” My COTD was #49 – Observer, then I open up segment 7 and it’s the Observer! Envisioning spirit hitting me over the head today, telling me to sit back, relax, and soak it all in instead of reacting.

    Spirit’s really been on target lately, which I love!

  • Wendi Sexton says:

    OMGoodness… I just lived this 2nights ago.. My kids did something crazy yet innocent that I got so upset about it and was yelling.. In the midst of chaos and yelling (ego) I was also upset and sad with myself (observer??) for reacting so quickly in a negative manner… It wasn’t ” I did this” THEN felt bad.. I had a 2nd outlook on the scenario SIMULTANEOUSLY… I was able to tell them I was sorry for over-reacting and all was well immediately! Typically hard feelings would be felt on both ends for a while.. But we ALL let it go and I was amazed how quickly we restored peace and happiness! I Realized integration from Personal Mastery was in full swing.. So excited to keep ”up-leveling!”

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