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  • wow….. wow… nature spirit wow wow thx

  • This resonates clearly
    I had a huge Aha moment October 4th 2018. Mid day. I saw Angel’s of white light And people hearts ships etc outside everywhere I looked. I videod I was shocked when I looked at the video and pictures taken That what I saw wasn’t visible. I felt bliss After My brain reverted by feeling tired Trying to think about an answer. Wow. Our program This lesson is definitely hitting home
    Thank you. Both
    Blessings of Love

  • Marie says:

    The Self sees/knows, the self judges, reacts, gets in the way

  • Lisa Bousson says:

    Going through the exercise in this lesson brought with it not only a process for this program, but also an AHA that I can see myself using in the future.

    At present, we’re painting the basement, which is a plain white. I imagined painting the circle on the wall red, which is a color I don’t normally like. Odd, but I just accepted (observed). What’s interesting is that where the large circle was drawn formed a hole in the wall through which I could see the universe. I walked through the large hole in the wall to simply BE, among the dark sky and millions of stars. Loved the peacefulness this brought, and the reminder that the universal I AM, has my back.

    To sit in this space and observe served to reiterate the fact that in all things we don’t have to be in control, that all things are divinely guided. Ahhh

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    This makes it clearer for me when doing the get on your bird. I had difficulty seeing the place but now from doing the exercise with you I get what the Observer is seeing, just a place. I think that is the jist of it. I really got a lot out of the finding the difference between the Observer, when I went back & read your script. My higher self is always there Observing the changing outer environment & physical body, emotions & thoughts. It’s stable & it’s always been me there Observing neutrally, nothing is good nor bad, it just is.

  • Dana Hauser says:

    Holy Shift! This process really works…The holidays have been emotional for me – I have experienced being in hot lava, stranded in a dry desert, and stuck in a swamp or thick mud… If I am feeling anxious I often identify the feeling with being in a cement box..but as soon as i realize that I am not the box I am free of the anxiety. Same for the other landscapes…. It’s fascinating how the landscape changes based on the emotion. Thank you so much Colette – the “get on your bird” meditation and now all that we are learning here is so helpful and I can’t wait to learn and practice more!

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