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Get On Your Bird

15 minutes daily

Comments 5
  • Rose Romani says:

    Dominant energy isn’t just my own! That sentence I really felt that in my stomach. My card was The fates is protection ” the only thing you can control right now is your attitude” surrender to acceptance! #Aha

  • Sally Roliff says:

    So many times I find myself ‘working’ so hard to intellectually figure things out – life lessons, find the beauty in the pain, etc. And every time I find that when I just give up the intellectual grinding, the understanding, the ah-ha’s simply bubble up. Your discussion within your pdf of the Personal Self and Higher Self just brought that home! AND to be honest, I knew that it was truth because the truth of it rang within my body before my intellect could grasp it. So thank you. 🙂

  • Lillie Ruby says:

    What do I need to clean up? My mother recently passed and I receive news that devastated a big portion of my plans for my future. You can’t make this up, right? The card I drew was Soul Mate in protection. See the situation not as why did she do what she did, but ask what is the gift in what was done. I don’t have that answer yet but I will.

  • Gail Stone says:

    For my meditation this morning in preparation for this class and my assessment, I wasn’t quite resonating with Get On Your Bird. So I went to our Mindful Meditations app. Empty To Be Filled jumped out to me from the list (is that what you mean by “anything can be an oracle?”), and it was just the right meditation for me today.

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