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Messages from Spirit in Symbols & Archetypes lesson progress
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  • Candace Lega says:

    I believe the book is still in print, I just found it on Amazon Canada.

  • Ines Slavic says:

    I had experienced very powerful message using my dishes.Last year my father was not doing very well.So I saw imagine of priester on my dishes.At that moment I did not realized what that mean exactly .In the following night my father died.So that was very powerful.

  • The wine was a great medium. The darker wine left a sediment in the bottom of my glass, and a picture formed. I immediately knew the shape of the image. I cannot express the feelings and thoughts I felt after I saw the picture that was left for me to see…truly amazing!

  • So sorry for the typos my friends!!!

  • My Grandmother, who was 100% Irish, and died at the young age of 101, used to red Tea Leaves and Coffee grounds. It was always amazed at the images and her explanations. I tell you! I drank a glass of red wine, and there was an image of my mom sitting on a chaise lounge with a hat on…one of the last images I have of her before she passed! I took a picture of the image I saw, and sent to my brother. I was gobsmacked!

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