Week 3 Outline: When Am I? : Exploring the Impact of Your Patterns

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  • How to get unlocked from events in the past

  • What it takes to no longer fight against something that isn’t real or isn’t now

  • How to identify and reclaim the part of us that has become disenfranchised

  • The guided steps of the powerful Rescue Mission exercise

  • How to manifest what you want without attachment

  • The strategy for creating your vision in the present moment

  • A powerful exercise for releasing resentment

  • How to ask for and give forgiveness – from the past and in the present

  • How to feel and create an abundant future without an attachment to things

  • How to create a new neural pathway for financial abundance

  • Walk through a proven method for recognizing and understanding your feelings about financial security

  • How to anchor a multi-sensory experience of financial security